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Mega Transit- Heightened Awareness

I’ve been trying to put my thoughts together on the epic week I had, starting with the full moon last Wednesday.  I don’t know if epiphany is the right word, or if you even believe in those (it made me think of the below movie..haha).


I experienced sudden awareness, feeling “woke”, a heightened sensitivity, extreme receptiveness on an issue that was brought to my attention in one physical, mental and spiritual moment. As crazy as it sounds, I felt like I was receiving a message. The energies were that strong.

It began with a cake pop (lol).

I was invited to an office going away party.. where I was already feeling a bit emotionally sensitive, and I proceeded to eat the most decadent sweet I’ve ingested in many years: a Truffle Cake Pop, ie: chocolate-covered chocolate cake pop with a Rolo embedded in the middle.

What happened in the next few hours was the worst physical reaction I’ve had to any type of food (since the infamous pork chop that turned me vegetarian). I was sweaty, dizzy, headache-y and eventually so fatigued that even my 10 year-old decided I needed my temperature taken. I felt like I had stage 1 of the flu. I was irritable with my man, and spent the rest of the evening on the couch until I ate some crackers for dinner and finally felt better.

I’ve had sugar crashes (haven’t we all?). I’ve seen how kids’ moods fluctuate after eating high amounts of sugar, which is why I don’t keep soda in the house, or candy or ice cream. I stopped drinking sugary stuff a while back for this reason, but I’ve never had this type of extreme reaction, where the room was literally spinning.

WTF was going on with me?

I know you’re probably thinking…diabetes. But I’ve had my glucose tested every year for 3 years as part of an annual exam. Nothing has shown my blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. to be high/abnormal. However, I have put on some weight in a suspicious area, which ironically I had posted (less than 24 hrs before the full moon, I might add) as part of a hula hooping promotion for my business (see below)


Weight accumulating around the mid section (instead of hips and buttocks), is textbook indicator of either pre-diabetes or (suggested by some doctors) adrenal fatigue. So is it my diet? I’d say I’m about 89% vegan. I don’t do dairy, but still eat eggs semi-regularly. I don’t drink soda, limit my caffeine intake, don’t eat fast food. I don’t consider my diet to be particularly unhealthy.

So if it’s diabetes, then why isn’t my blood sugar high? Why don’t I feel crappy after eating pizza or pasta, but I felt ready to pass-out after eating one cake pop? And if it’s not diabetes then why am I gaining weight around the middle and nowhere else?

My sister the PhD, and also unofficial food expert (due to her own health condition) asked me about my reaction and uttered the words sugar sensitivity and insulin resistant. I had never heard of either.

So maybe my body is telling me to STOP WITH THE SUGAR.  And maybe I was in the right state of awareness where I could accept that message. Maybe I was at a point in my life where I was ready to make a major life change, and I could feel the energies pushing me towards “yes”.

I know this may seem super dramatic and more like like well “DUH” it’s hard to ignore the feeling of physical VERTIGO. Who wouldn’t notice that? But don’t you think it’s a possibility that with our busy, distracted, eat-whatever-you-have-time-for, GET OVER YOURSELF AND SHUT UP lives, that it would be possible to miss making a connection? That maybe people generally don’t realize they need to give up sugar until their bodies literally can’t process insulin at all? So maybe I just got lucky and caught this before it turned into full blown diabetes. Maybe it’s all in my head (as my medical records suggest), or maybe I was in a heightened state of awareness where I discovered that my insulin is starting to fluctuate unnaturally.

So… I’m going to insert Astrology here (of course). WHY did this moment happen? Why did I eat this specific thing on this specific day, feel this specific feeling, get this specific piece of advice, and later that day have an actual astrologer tell me that Taurus Rising signs need to GIVE UP SUGAR THIS YEAR.

After 1 physical, 1 logical (mental) and 1 spiritual confirmation of this message, I did what any fledgling Astrologer did. I cast a transit chart for this day (happening to be on the full moon).

 My very excited notes 😛

OH. EM. GEE. I know this may look like numerical gibberish to most people, but to me it was absolute confirmation of what was happening. The 6th is the house of health, and I have A TON of planets sitting there, all of which are being activated by the transit of Jupiter (the planet of expansion, luck and higher education). Jupiter isn’t alone though, it’s part of a Cardinal T-square (see the purple triangle with Pluto and Uranus), which mirrors the RED triangle I have in my natal chart. T-squares are powerful energies that indicate major struggles/opportunities/power points in our lives. The opposite side of the T-square is  EXACTLY where the full moon was on the day I had my apostrophe/epiphany. The moon fell on my North Node of fate, opposite Pluto on my south node (ending an old way of thinking/past life).

I’ve always had trouble understanding the north node in my chart. But the full moon is when illumination comes into our lives. I had a light shine on mine for sure (via my sister in my 3rd house of siblings, logic & reason 🙂

I was being asked (in a BIG way) to take action and face the music in my house of health, immediately and abruptly end my previous ways of living (or else..Diabetes!), added to an intense desire to shake things up and follow my instincts (via Astrology?), and I was able to see how to follow this request with diamond-cut precision.

Like the T-square, there was a Trifecta being illuminated in my life: The mind-body-soul connection. The key to total health. When presented with a problem, perhaps we must ask how our body feels, what the logical mind says, and how our emotions/instincts/spiritual energies are being triggered. Consider the whole picture. Interestingly, I’ve struggled with how to connect my hula hoop business with astrology. Maybe I’ve just taken a step in finding the missing piece.

Anyway, this is about as clear a conclusion as I can make all the energies that are going through me right now. I know there are smarter philosophers out there, more studied professionals, and wiser astrologers who could put this together more eloquently, but for now I plan on doing 3 things:

  1. Cutting sugars from my diet, and seeing a pre diabetic nutritionist. (mental/logical)
  2. Getting my hula hooping back on. (physical
  3. Discovering what else can be revealed in life through Astrology. (spiritual)


Sorry.. I’m still working on #branding lol


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