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My sister has a PhD in Geology. She also got married last weekend. Let’s just say she’s the younger, smarter, more successful daughter 😉 I love my sister,  but we are exact opposites. She’s tall, blonde, gay and a scientist. I’m short, brunette, straight and an artist. She’s analytical, I’m intuitive. She trusts facts, I trust feelings. Even on the Astrological wheel we are opposites (Pisces/Virgo)..

Speaking of Astrology, I guess I should finally out myself as a believer and a student. I respect it as an ancient study, and it’s as close to organized religion as I am willing to get.  I know how lame that sounds… “believer” is someone who joins cults and watches televangelism. Astrology gets a bad rap: it’s up for public mockery in our society. Psychics, mystics, gypsies, fortune tellers, mediums (remember Miss Cleo?) are often touted as crazies, sensationalists, and even worse: money-hungry frauds who prey on the vulnerable and ignorant. The sun-sign columns you read in newspapers and pop culture magazines are toilet fodder, time killers, titular pieces of entertainment, nothing to be taken seriously.

So why? I am college-educated. I know money doesn’t grow on trees. I’ve worked hard for what I have, and I pride myself on being smart, resourceful and self-sacrificing above all my other attributes.  The planets don’t pay the bills, I DO.

Yet.. I’ve always had an innate sense of just how small I am; how minute a human being is in the scope of the universe. I know there are things beyond my control. I’ve witnessed instances of the inexplicable. I’ve been the recipient of incredibly good luck.

Twisted Juniper Tree (Sedona, AZ)

There are things that have not yet been explained by science, and some, like the gravitational pull of planets, suns and moons.. that have. Just like the tides, there are things that effect humans on a molecular level.. dare I say it, energetic level.

My sister and I were visiting our Aunt in Sedona, AZ this weekend. If you haven’t been there, it’s a hot spot for psychics, astrologers; anyone who is into “New Age” living. The reason? Supposedly the red rock formations that encircle the valley are home to Vortexes of Energy. According to local believers, you can see evidence of the energy in the warped growth of nearby juniper trees. I’m pretty sure any biologist will disagree with this theory, citing a number of scientific reasons for the shape of the trees. But I think there is something to the “energies” of the vortexes.

We’ve been visiting Sedona since we were kids and my grandparents lived there. I always felt happy during these visits, well DUH… it was usually around Christmas and I was jacked up on candy for F’s sake. More recently however, when I was going through my awful custody battle, I took my daughter to Sedona for a Christmas visit and had what I can only describe as the worst allergic reaction I’ve ever experienced. I felt like I was physically intolerant to oxygen. My senses totally were bombarded. I have no explanation as to why I felt this way. I wasn’t ill. I’m not allergic to Juniper. I can only explain it as a physical manifestation of my emotional distress, and perhaps the vortex energy was enhancing it.

During our last visit, we hiked up to Cathedral Rock (known for being one of the Vortex hot spots). My sister and her wife brought along their Blue Heeler, who had recently accompanied them cross country from California to Philadelphia. While Heelers are the Status Quo of Western canines, my sister told me that people on the East Coast would stare at their dog skeptically, sometimes in fear/wonderment.

“I once took Marcy to a park in downtown Philadelphia, and the kids actually asked me if she was a wolf,” she said with a grin.

“Are you KIDDING??!!” I shrieked with glee.

This tickled me endlessly. I could not stop picturing the scene play out, the unsure voices of these kids, their wide eyes, cautiously approaching my sister’s big-eared dog as if she was a wild animal, tamed by my wolf-wrangler sister.  Oh how I WISHED I could have been there. The more I imagined it, the funnier it got.

“That’s going to go be the quote of 2016, ‘Is that a wolf?’ ” I giggled as we hiked up the red rocks,

Then something happened. Perhaps 30 minutes later, we passed two ladies who looked down at Marcy in awe said “Is that a wolf?!”

I couldn’t contain myself. I busted up with utter mirth. The ladies must have thought I was a total asshole, but I mean.. WHAT WERE THE ODDS??? I had just been wishing I could hear those words, that I could see that scene played out. AND IT HAD HAPPENED!

Some call it coincidence. But what if it was the vortex energy? What if your intentions can become reality, just by thinking or feeling or wishing? Yes. I know I sound insane. But  some things cannot be explained, and each time these “aha” moments happen to me, I’m willing to invest just a little more belief in them.

Planets, man.


Full Moon behind Cathedral Rock (Sedona, AZ)

3 thoughts on “Energies”

  1. I get that – the vortex energy happened for me in Durango – quite often. And who can explain the many shared experiences of your mom and me? There were other things too – but I enjoy your writing – so fun!


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