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Someone for everyone

Yes I’ve come back. You’ve noticed? I’m still posting over at my new blog Pisces Pictures, but I miss this one. Its been here for me so long (4 years now) and somehow it’s comforting to see its face again.

I’ve also been catching up on the other single mamas who I started reading almost half a decade ago. SO MANY CHANGES! Engagements, weddings, graduations, higher education pursuits, job changes, moves, break-ups, pregnancies… it’s amazing.  The more I’ve been catching up, the more I want to make a whole post dedicated to their lives.

So here goes:

Single moms who are now married:

Single Moms who are engaged to be married

Single Moms who were engaged, but decided it wasn’t for them

Single Moms who are in serious relationships

Single Moms who are pregnant or who have had another baby

Single Moms who are pursuing degrees

I’ve kept up with these bloggers via Facebook, mostly. But some of them I’ve stopped reading their blogs and in my absence, they’ve become private or password protected. 

Now I must go and beg for forgiveness.

 I’m still single. I haven’t had a baby. I haven’t gone back to school. I don’t have much news to report. But it makes me hopeful to see everyone else moving forward. Maybe I will get there too.




3 thoughts on “Someone for everyone”

  1. Maybe I’ll move up the list someday… like to the serious relationship catagory.

    And you’ve had some big changes too, just not in these catagories.


  2. “Maybe I will get there too.”

    Ditto. All is pretty much the same with me, other than now being one of those who has gone private, aka; not blogging at all but I too, try to keep up with others. And I’m thankful for FB!


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