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Wishful Thinking

This week has been totally out of whack.  Astrology says it’s because we are coming to a cosmic “T-Square”, which is the equivalent of the Big Lebowski of all astrological events. My brain has been on crack I think.  See the following example.

Tuesday afternoon, I sit at my post at the front desk. I check the clock. It reads “4:55 pm”.  A student walks up to me and I stifle a eye-roll.

“Hi,” says the student. “I have a question about my parent’s loan for the fall semester.”

“Ok,” I say. “But I can’t give you much information about their finances, since they took it out in their name.”

“Well they have no idea how to fill out the loan application.”

I sigh. “They can call me on monday morning and I can walk them through the instructions.”

Silence. He looks at me. I stare at him. I wonder if I giant zit has exploded on my face or something horrible like that.

“Uh,” he says, “is there a reason why they have to call monday?”

I stared at him like a cow stares at a fence post.


Suddenly my lesbian boss’  voice rings out from behind me.

“Because she thinks today is Friday, not Tuesday!”

Peals of laughter ring across the office from my other co-workers. I must have turned purple in my humiliation.

Really? Really? Yeah..


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