single mom

The coolest kid

I know I’ve been down, but since my kid has come home, I’ve had the most deliciously awesome time being her mom. I worried that she would be an emotional wreck when she came home, like the last time. Everything was a fight. She threw tantrums wherever we went. She cried everyday I left her at preschool.  She threw the whining into 5th gear.

When my friends  the Canaries (the Cancer/Aries couple) invited us over Friday to spend the night, I was extremely hesitant. I didn’t want my child to make a scene when I’ve been bragging up my single mommy skills. Yeah, I was afraid of being outed as a fraud. I should have had more faith in my little Gemini. She charmed every adult in the room and entertained every baby. Maybe I was afraid all this 2-week-on, 2-week off craziness was going to kill her trust in me. My paranoia ran so deep that I really believed I would have to start from scratch re-building our relationship every time she came home. How is it that a grown woman is walking on eggshells around a 3-foot tall mini-me in pigtails?

Today as we drove to preschool, my child sat in the backseat and sang along to my favorite CD. I smiled. Even if custody is taken from me in September, she’ll always be mine.


6 thoughts on “The coolest kid”

  1. Of COURSE she will always be yours!!! The bond that the two of you have is really strong, my friend. NOTHING is going to make her not be your daughter in spirit or heart. And, I do not believe for a minute that you are going to lose custody. The only good thing in this custody fight is that some day LB will look back and know that she was loved and wanted by both her mom and dad. That’s a gift for any child….
    Keep the faith, stay clear about what LB needs, and take really good care of yourself.
    Love and miss you,


  2. I dont understand how custody could be taken away from you? I am asking this in all seriousness – here it is virtually impossible for dads to get full time custody unless the mom is proofed unfit and that is incredible hard (and impossible in your case).


  3. I’m curious about the custody thing too. You are a loving mother to this little girl. How on earth could that be taken away?

    Sending you strength.


  4. The power of negative thinking pays off again! As far as the custody thing goes, though, I just can’t imagine it, but I know you’re just trying to prepare yourself. My best wishes that your child’s best interests will prevail!


  5. I guess I should have said…”primary caretaker” since I live too far away to continue every other weekend visitation with her dad, and he is petitioning to keep her with him during the school year. That would take custody away from me as far as I’m concerned.


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