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Roofie’s balls have quadrupled in size these last 2 months. Maybe because I’m further away, they think they are scot-free. Maybe because they are getting married next month, they think they are invincible. Maybe they are high on Jesus Juice (sorry Jen), since they now attend Church functions 3 nights of out of the week.  I mean, all those things are well and good, but where is my kid in the middle of all this? Who is watching her while they go to “couple’s group” and “men’s group” and “family group” each night?

Who takes care of her during the day while Rooferman is at work and when Blondie is busy with the baby? I’ve called LB every day since she’s been away, and the phone has only been answered twice. I’ve left messages. They are never returned. Their mailbox eventually filled up. Roofie doesn’t own a cell phone, being proud country folk. Oh, wait they can’t afford one

MY fault, once again.. I have the audacity to ask for child support and they have a train wreck life in section 8 housing across the street from a pedophile.

After the 5th attempt to call LB last weekend, Roofie finally picked up the phone. I had nothing to say to them, I just asked for my daughter. 

I didn’t want to get upset on the phone with her. She’s 4 years old. She wants to hear her mommy happy. We repeated “I love you” over and over until I had to bite my lip.

“I don’t want you to go, Mommy. I miss you!” she said to me. But I had to hang up eventually.

For a while, I sat there on the stone wall, watching my friends haul boxes and furniture into the moving truck. Chivman noticed I wasn’t making any attempt to rejoin the group. He walked over. Tears were on my cheeks.

“Are you ok?’ he asked.

“I’ll be fine.”  The patented Single Mom Answer.

He pulled me close and I covered my face against his chest, choking wretchedly.

“If he gets custody of her…this is how it will be. I’ll NEVER even get to talk to her, let alone see her.”

“That’s not gonna happen,” he said.

“You want me to kick his ass?” my other friend asked, coming over.

I smiled. “Can you just hold him while I kick him in the  balls?”

I’m glad I have my people 🙂 Roofie doesn’t even wanna know how big my balls are gonna get come September 9th. Can’t wait to pick LB up Saturday. 2 weeks have been an eternity.


6 thoughts on “Balls”

  1. Seriously? Doesnt he have to let you have access to her regularly when she is with him?

    Its the worst thing when they are away and you cant talk to them!!

    (HUGS) and love


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