single mom


My Dr. Seuss Poem..

Twenty-eight is not too late

Not too late to find a date

Of all the things that I do hate

Cheese, Twilight, my current weight

The most would be a lonely fate

But this year of twenty-eight

could indeed be great! be great!

The year I give up my need to berate

ridiculous aspects of manly traits

True, I have a lot on my plate

And I’ve used sex as a means of escape

But I’ve grown, matured,  I’m Twenty-eight!

So here’s to you, my future mate

Perhaps a life, we could create?

I warn you, I’m no piece of cake

But I’m smart, funny, I know how to elate 😉

I’m soft as a truffula, smooth as slate

What are you like? Are YOU 28?

And…I’m out of “ate” words. I also cheated twice.


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