single mom


Ok I’m attempting to resuscitate my blog. Internet has been official hooked up at home. I’m trying to take the necessary steps in editing my screenplay and/or starting a new one. I might be able to handle both. LB is back from 2 weeks with her dad, and has bounced back and forth between cuddle bug and obstinate. Bi-Polar. Gemini. Child of a Broken Family, call it what you will.

Roofie’s wedding is officially set for the end of August, and of course they want LB to attend/participate. I haven’t asked the details because honestly, I don’t care. HS Sweetheart and his fiance are set for October, while my Leo friend’s little Scorpio brother is getting married as well.

I’ve been puttering around on Talked to a few guys. After an inital mourning period, I spent most of the 2 weeks alone exploring my new town, which has been fun. I’m good at adapting. Sometimes I think I’m too good. After such an extended period of being solo, the shock of Mommyhood was  like ice water to the face. My brain has been rewiring. My vocabulary changing. My emotions sparking in ways that I can associate as normal.

I have a court date finally. The 16th. I can appear via phone. I’m scared as hell.

I had a dream last night I was being possessed. Everyone I knew and loved was standing around my bed, watching me writhe and scream and claw at the air. They were helpless. I woke up with blood in my mouth. I must have bitten my tongue.

God it feels good to let all this shit out again.


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