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Short Timer

The meeting was comparable to an episode of Jerry Springer. Roofie stormed out of the room numerous times, unable to control their anger. I held my ground and refused to feel sorry for them.  Rooferman’s parents tried to calm their son and bring us back to  the issue. He basically begged me not to take his daughter and I broke down crying. I in turn begged him not to take the only family I have, while he has a new baby, a wife and two other daughters to live with.

A lot of things were brought out into the open. I told him stuff I’ve been wanting to say for years. I think everyone was shocked by how emotional I got, especially since I’ve always been “the strong one” when it comes to LB.  We didn’t come to an agreement of course, but I did feel an enormous sense of relief after letting out all the pain and anger I’ve been keeping inside.

Roofie’s parents looked at me helplessly and asked if my parents would be able to come and offer their thoughts on the situation. So we are all coming back together tomorrow for another meeting. I don’t know what to expect, but I hope something can be resolved.

I did find a beautiful rental in the heart of my new town, within walking distance to work and LB’s new preschool. I’ve basically stopped being productive at work, only trying to think of ways to make my job easier for the next person. So now its time to start collecting boxes, changing bank accounts, rearranging monthly payments, switching insurance, filling out HR paperwork, finding new doctors and dentists and gathering friends to help move.

I hope I can pull this off. The enormous rock in my throat is making daily life slightly unbearable. I wonder if my life will ever be without that impending sense of doom?


9 thoughts on “Short Timer”

  1. Aww, honey, I’m so sorry. How emotionally exhausting that must be – especially knowing there’s still another meeting ahead. I’m holding out hope that the next meeting will be more productive and you can leave with LB and looking ahead.


  2. I guess I don’t understand why any grandparents need to be involved, really, because this is your daughter and Roofie’s daughter. Blondie, grandparents, the neighbors dog-WHO are the parents here? You. Roofie. The decision is between the two of you, and I don’t understand why you feel like you have to take on the emotional baggage of everyone. I just send you higs and positive thoughts.


    1. I wish it could be just between us two, but Blondie will always be there with him. With his parents there, I have a little more backup and hopefully my parents will be able to add something productive. I hate it all.


  3. You did it and you stood your ground – that is something to be proud of!! Well done 🙂

    As for the move – good luck! We move in 6 weeks 🙂 Its exciting my friend – no need for doom!


  4. Hopefully the worst is over. This is all positive, forward motion – just keep that in mind while you iron out stuff with Roofie.

    SO glad to hear you found a great place. You have much to look forward to.


  5. You can 🙂 You will :). As hard as it sounds, put your game face on and move forward. It’s hard but do-able and so important for you and LB. It will be a fresh start, a new begining, a new adventure and you will SHINE!


  6. You can do it! Just look how far you’ve come in such a short time. It’s been a long, hard road, but you’ve not only made it, you’ve ROCKED IT! And you’ll smash through this latest roadblock just the same! Do whatever you need to do, say whatever you need to say, to make this happen. You’ve got so much to look forward to, such an awesome life waiting for you and LB!


  7. I can only imagine how emotionally draining this is for you. I can’t tell you any advice you don’t already know or that hasn’t already been given to you by other comments, just know that I’m rooting for you and sending you lots hugs and good vibes!


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