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Saturn and Fear

We now enter our final approach to Saturn’s station at the end of May. It will be combined with lovely Neptune’s station a day later. Uranus is still in the mix, opposing and semi-sextiling them respectively. We get to face our own fears about our lives over the next few weeks. Face our fears about the things we didn‘t do yet. Face our fears about the things we wanted to do that didn‘t work out the way we wanted. Face our fears about the lack of time, talent or opportunity left to us. Face our fears about our habitual patterns that always seem to repeat themselves, over and over and over again. Face our fears about what we actually WANT to do but which we are fearful about.

One of the ways that Saturn teaches us is via fear. – Anne Ortelee,

I’m meeting with Roofie and the grandparents tomorrow. I can’t say I’m feeling anything BESIDES fear. But I’m facing it, parenting plan in hand. Alone, the way single moms always do.


5 thoughts on “Saturn and Fear”

  1. “Alone the way single moms do”

    I dont think we ever stop feeling that! Even now with an amazing man in my life who supports decisions I make regarding my ex – I make them alone and I face him alone!


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