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I told my boss I was offered the job today. She freaked a little, which I couldn’t help feeling slightly pleased about.  Also with the budget cuts they may not be able to hire someone to replace me. Another slice of mean pleasure ran through me, thinking how they might have to learn the hard way just how valuable I am. Maybe if they showed me a little more respect and a little less placation, I wouldn’t have been searching so adamantly for a new job.

The shock on my employer’s face reiterated why I’m thrilled to be leaving. She stared at me like she just couldn’t believe anyone would do this.. I mean, who cares if you are unhappy in your work? That’s life. Suck it up, eat the chocolate in the break room and wait for retirement.


I know this isn’t as glorious as me quitting my job to become a full-time screenwriter, but its a step into a bigger pond, where more opportunity, more connection, more networking  is available. I will be closer to the Denver Single Mom Posse ( I think we should copyright that name..hehe) as well as a bunch of old friends and family. Did I mention I will be 6 hours closer to zoos, amusement parks, Montessori schools, museums, sports events, theatres and other civilized pleasures of the big city? I DO have  Gemini child after all, one with a voracious appetite for life and is seemingly fearless in everything she does.

Yes, I’m thinking about her future opportunities as well. If I work long enough at this new institution, and her interests/talents lie in math or science, she could theoretically attend school for a major discount. SCORE!

Not that I’m on the prowl, but the student body of said school is ALSO 80% male.. …la de da…

Since LB’s preschool has been hammering me about summer enrollment, I broke the news to them as well. Their response: “We’ll miss her, but I think this is for the best, actually.”

Jigga WHAT?

Yes. They confided in me that since the birth of her new half-brother, LB’s behavior has gotten significantly more violent, aggressive, sensitive and overall negative. She calls the other kids names. She scratches them. She cries at the slightest thing. She screams. She has regressed in her potty training and is having daily accidents again. Her tantrums are rivaling a 2 year old’s and she will be 4 in June.

Her teachers told me that despite attempts to contact Roofie, they have not been able to discuss these issues with him. As much as they encourage both parents to be involved, if one can’t seem to understand how their home situation is effecting their child, then less contact is recommended.

Lawyerdude shrugged when I asked him about moving. Apparently it would be a bigger deal if I moved across the border to Aztec, MN ( a 45 minute drive) than if I moved 6 hours to Golden. It’s not considered “removal of the child” if it’s still in state. In these economic times where people are getting laid off, losing their jobs, houses, financial support, a judge/parent can hardly object to a relocation. He told me that a typical parenting plan for someone who lives more than 4 hours away is One weekend a month, 6 weeks in the summer and every other holiday/holiday break.  I thought I would have to give him the whole entire summer.

I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up, thinking this may me a smooth process. Even though things between the Roofie clan and myself have been reasonably un-white trash in the last year, I never count my chickens.

P.S. I found the post where I started looking for another job. Wow I didn’t realize how much time had passed.


10 thoughts on “Informed”

  1. I was a little worried about the custody situation, so PHEW!! I’m glad that LB will be leaving that preschool because frankly, I’m pissed that you hadn’t been informed sooner!! All the more reason to celebrate. I”m so totally excited for you!!


  2. Oh that little girl just breaks my heart!! I’m so excited for you Hanna. You so deserve to move up and move on. It’ll be good for the both of you, from what it sounds like.

    Will keep you in my prayers regarding the transition.


  3. Congrats on the job 🙂

    Sorry about little LB 😦 Dads seem unwilling to understand the impact that things have on kids!! So maybe then the move is going to do you all well!


  4. So happy to have you moving closer to us. Hazy, R.E. and I will be happy to have a new friend in our lives. Can’t hardly wait doll!!! ❤


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