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Had a great weekend. Spent too much money,  but that tends to happen when you send female Taurus & Pisces into a civilized mall. I’m talking about a mall with more than just JC Penny and Sears. Presented with Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Gymboree and Borders, the temptation was too much to resist.

I did NOT go look at apartments after my interview like I said I would. I didn’t want to jinx it. Then again maybe I DID jinx it by indulging in free beauty products and bras that caress you ever so gently (haha).

My day consisted of four 30-minute group interviews and one 45 minute interview with the directors of the three departments I would be working with. It was exhausting. I was sweating the entire time. I felt like I was running the interview gauntlet.

Luckily, the people were extremely friendly, courteous and I even made them laugh on occasion (Score!). They quizzed me on my institutional knowledge, my communication skills, computer skills, why I wanted to move 300 miles away from my home, etc.. I felt like I was up for auction.

One lady asked me what I did in my free time. I mentioned my blog. That spawned off a whole series of questions and I felt a little self conscious, like I shouldn’t have said anything. But at least they found me interesting. I hope they took me seriously.

I was relieved to see at least 1/3 of the office was male. Not that I’m on the prowl or anything, I’m just looking forward to an office that is NOTHING like the catholic school atmosphere I work in.

At the end of the interviews, they left me alone with the Big Wig. He went over what he liked about me; resourcefulness, articulation, good communication skills. Then he asked me what my mother thought about me moving. Really? I hope he meant that in a kindly, fatherly, concerned way, not a “You actually think you can make it on your own, you dumb kid?” way.

He had some knowledge about the town I live in, and the place I work for, so we talked about the struggles and benefits of living/working here, and I assured him I had been  weighing the pros and cons of moving for a long time. I also told him I wasn’t sure I would have a job in the next year and I need to find some stability and opportunity for growth. He seemed to like that answer and told me that most people who work this position eventually move on to higher standing.

They said  they would let me know by Wednesday.  GAH.


12 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. Tomorrow is Wednesday! I can’t wait to hear the news! It sounds like it went well. And whether you acknowledge it or not, you totally kick ass and I’m sure they’re well aware of that fact now!


  2. Awesome job, Hanna! Sounds like you came across incredibly well! They clearly put a lot of thought into the hiring process and invest in making the best of the choices they make in hiring, so I’m sure you’ll get the job!


  3. I didn’t know that you went for an interview, but I am SO wishing you the very best! Please email or call me when you know something! Love and support you always….


  4. It’s Wed. night for me, so it’s veeeeeerrrrry early Wed. morning for you. I hope they don’t leave you agonizing all day! Sounds like you did a great in the interview! Did they ask for your blog address? Wonder what the protocol for that sort of thing is…..


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