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Chivman was in town this weekend, which needless to say, was an unexpected treat. Icktapuss and I went in search for the perfect interview dress. unfortunately, the shopping choices are painfully limited in my little po dunk town, so we did what all Durango people do, we drove to New Mexico.

Pisces and Taurus shopping together can get a little dangerous, considering Taurus’ love for pretty things and Pisces’ ability to go with the flow…cash flow included. In the fashionless town of Farmington, we scoured every mall rack we could find, trying on every “professional” looking outfit available.

Myself, simultaneously being a sucker for compliments and yet not knowing how to accept them, bought 6 dresses at the end of the day. It didn’t take much to convince me.

“Wow you look so thin in that,” my dear Taurus friend told me as I emerged from the dressing room.


After a fashion show and a Nuggets victory, Chivman tried teasing me about the seriousness of my outfits. I was NOT in the mood to be teased about the upcoming interview and proceeded to wig out and start stressing about me not being professional enough, or conservative, well-dressed, serious…etc..

Why do I do this to myself? I know I will do well. I am smart, I am resourceful, I am personable, I am convincing, I am the right person for this job, and I have an outfit I feel confident wearing (considering my purchasing options).

My black dress with its yellow belt might be a little funky, but making an individual impression is a good thing during an interview. I only wish I had yellow shoes to go with it.

Chivman got a good laugh out of that.

I received the list of people I will be meeting during my interview. During the 3.5 hour process, I will be presented to 4 groups of people, all Assistant and Executive Directors of the two departments I would be working with.

That’s a lot of people. A lot of big, important people. I hope I don’t run out of things to say. To prepare, I’m doing some research on the history, background, statistics and prospective goals of this institution. That way if I start going blank, I can use some facts to back me up.

LB is going to be with grandma this weekend, which I’m sure she’s looking forward to. After picking her up from her dad’s on Easter, she looked wild-eyed and suspicious. I asked her what her baby brother’s name was and she told me what I had expected to hear.

It was the name we were supposed to give LB when the doctors told us she was a boy. Except…she came out a girl.


7 thoughts on “Wigging”

  1. I want to name my (hypothetical) boy Jace Orion. His initials would be JOB.

    Good luck with the interview! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!


  2. You will OWN that interview! I just know it! But still sending tons of “That job is YOURS” vibes!

    (And UGH on new baby’s name, that just every kind of wrong.)


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