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The return of Spot

So I sucked it up and went to Math & Science night at LB’s pre-school.  Even though (obviously) I was in a foul mood and fully intended on sulking the entire time.

Guess what? I’m so very glad I went. My sister, who has grown into the epitome of The Ultimate Virgo, told me last night, “the hardest thing is usually the right thing.” 

No Shit, Sherlock, you’re probably thinking. This is basic Buddhist philosophy: “Suffer and ye shall be rewarded.”

You remember a certain someone from the dark ages of this blog? Well after the drama of him getting fired, me fighting for his return, him finding a new job and being absent from LB’s and my life for almost  year now, he is back.  Working on his degree in Teacher Education, his class organized and sponsored the event at LB’s school last night.

The kids and parents were supposed to rotate through the student projects, but for some reason *gasp* we kept returning to Spot’s table. We sat and chatted while LB admirably kept her excitement under control. Apparently he talked to LB’s teacher and he is going to be doing his student teaching as well as some substituting in her class!

I know it’s a small town and I shouldn’t be as amazed and thrilled as I am. I mean there’s only 10 or so preschools in the vicinity. It was bound to happen at some point. But I think last night proved that I need to lighten up a little bit. What goes around comes around. I will get mine. Roofie will get theirs. My daughter will grow and thrive and find her way despite it all.


6 thoughts on “The return of Spot”

  1. Yay for Spot! That is really very neat; I bet LB was so thrilled!

    As for the rest, it simply is what it is. You are right-she will thrive, and you will both find your own way.


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