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Our Women’s basketball team plays in the Championship game for the first time in history tonight. As a former college basketball player, I’m psyched for them.

I also received an email from the more intimidating institution, telling me I had made it to the final round of interviews and the Hiring Manager would be calling me to set one up in April.

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t think I would make it past this last interview, but I didn’t really care because I had the other community college to fall back on. Now the thoughts of working at this school are swirling around my head. The location is perfect. The schools are good. I would have easy access to all my friends and family in the Denver area.

I’m still telling myself NOT to count my chickens, but I was on a high all afternoon and evening. I passed! They didn’t think I was a bumbling small-town hippie! Imagine if I hadn’t driven up there in one crazy 24-hour road trip? Could this be my ticket to a new life?


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