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It’s official. One Full Time Employee position will be cut from my office. More than 25 other positions will be cut across campus, so I’m predicting people whose positions are getting cut will move to other offices if they have seniority over the other person. Since I’ve barely made it a year, I think I will be one of the unfortunate “bumped” employees. As  I’ve mentioned before, most Admin Assistants around here are pushing 50, and the turnover rate among that group is very low.

I’m not saying this to mope and sigh and cast a shadow over my blog . I’m only saying this because it happened during the previous layoffs in 2002, and I think it will happen again.

All that considered, I had 2 more interviews yesterday at colleges in Denver. I did the 800 mile round trip in less than 24 hours, just barely escaping the blizzard that hit the front range last night.

 The first interview was intimidating, considering the institution, and I was glad my little country self went and bought a real “Dry Clean Only” dress for the event. I felt very young and inexperienced, but I tried boosting my confidence level by telling myself, “You got this far in the process, now go in there and prove you are the right person for the job!”

The second interview was at a community college, so they were much more laid back, and I was totally comfortable. I even felt a little overdressed there. They were amazingly friendly and flexible and showed me the on-campus childcare facility. I met the director of the department, who told me that if I made it to the final round of interviews, she would do it over the phone.

So I’m back in Durango, feeling pretty good 🙂


5 thoughts on “1 FTE”

  1. Good luck with everything! The community college interview sounds like it went really well and would work great for you. I hope you get it!

    The fact that I even got a job right out of college still amazes me. Unfortunately, they’re closing down our printing press and will be printing our newspaper out of a company about 2 hours away from us. My job still exists after all of this, but there are people who have worked for the company for over 14 years that will be out of a job after the end of this week. (I haven’t even been with the company for a whole 3 months yet, so it definitely makes me feel crappy)


  2. Good luck! Sending all kinds of “gainful employment” vibes your way! But maybe, just maybe, you won’t get the ax! Maybe they’ll do some sort of early retirement thing for an older AA? I’m going through the “got to get a job!” stress too, it’s ulcer-inducing for sure!


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