single mom


I didn’t get the job. Who says I’m not psychic? 😛 tee hee hee.

Here’s the love horoscope for the Pisces peeps this week:

News is coming, my sweet. You won’t be expecting it, but you’ll be delighted nevertheless. Certainly, you’re about to see the world in a whole new way. Some of your physical vitality is returning too, and … well, I don’t have to tell you what a stroke of luck that is. Been a while, crocodile? Thankfully, your imagination always comes to the rescue. And some of you have been enjoying some pretty spicy fantasies that mingle two of the most iconic aspects of power: money and sex. You’re so bad, baby! Who would ever suspect such a gentle soul had such a torrid mind? –


4 thoughts on “Denied”

  1. Is it selfish to say I’m glad you didn’t get it? You’ve got a good support network here and that network will miss you if you go. Real happiness will come from within, not from where you are.


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