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This weekend, while my kiddo was at her dad’s, I finished my screenplay. I wrote 3 hours on Saturday, and 6 hours on Sunday. The GD Colorado snow fell all weekend long and in the back of my mind a little voice kept saying “you should probably stop writing to shovel.”

I did not listen to the voice. I wrote until dark and shoveled under the street lights in a cloud of euphoric bliss. Then I bought myself a bottle of champagne and stayed up till midnight finishing laundry, dishes, house cleaning and all the other single mommy tasks I had ignored for the sake of creativity.

I know the hardest part is still to come: rewriting, editing, registering, pimping it to everyone I know, but there is no longer a lingering guilt-trip hanging over my head, saying “You have a friggin screenplay to write, so get off the couch and get to work you lazy bitch. You said you were gonna do it, so DO IT!”

Procrastination is Pisces’ speciality, as well as floating dreamily from one project to another. We have trouble finishing things.  I sent out a celebratory text to my friends and family who have read bits and pieces as I’ve been writing it. Their response:

“Are you in love with it?”

“Is it good?”

“Are you satisfied?”

I told them I’m not even going to think about those questions right now. I started this thing in September 2009. I gave myself a year to write it. 6 months later, I’ve got a first draft.  I’m much further than I expected I would be. I’ve written 2 screenplays now! Yeah the first one sucked, but this one DEFINITELY sucks a little less. 🙂

The screenwriting class I’m taking starts next month. Per the Screenwriter’s suggestion, I’ve been reading the required book, and am trying to decide if I want to start a new screenplay or bring this one to class for editing. I’ve been gathering ideas for my next project and I’m really excited about it.

As for the dark comedy aspect of this script, I’ve gotten very few comments on the humorous aspect of what I’ve written. I keep drifting towards the drama instead of the comedy. Hopefully I will be able to fix these problem during the rewrite.

It’s my birthday this Friday. I wrote a  120-page screenplay. Even if nothing ever comes out of it, I still wrote it. I couldn’t ask for a better present to myself.


12 thoughts on “Finished”

  1. Last summer when I wrote that eBook (coincidentally 120 pages as well) I couldn’t stop writing. I would have kept writing, had I had the funding. Completely feel you on the idea that “at least I fucking did this. I did this! And it wasn’t easy. No matter what happens, it’s done.”

    So congratulations. Incredibly proud of you.


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