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The Ideal Man list

Some of these may be sappy and unrealistic, but I’m a pisces and that’s my speciality. So Just for kicks….


The Ideal Man List

Someone who challenges me, but doesn’t belittle me.

Someone with a dark sense of humor.

Someone who loves the fact that I’m a terrible cook but I’m trying to get better.

Someone who will let me talk about movies and humor my geeky film school theories.

Someone who has as many unflattering stories about their past as I do.

Someone who has risen from the ashes.

Someone strong enough to carry me to bed and tall enough to reach the top shelf.

Mutual Satisfaction.

Someone who loves my daughter but doesn’t get jealous when I put her needs first.

Someone who will let me be the mother I am & not try to mold me into his mother.

Mutual Appreciation.

Someone who can deal with my tendency to drift into la-la land and snap me back into reality when I’m too far gone.

Someone who gives piggyback rides.

Someone who likes camping, basketball (bonus points for the Nuggets!) and isn’t afraid of getting wet.

He has a dog, I have a cat.

Someone who will dance with me , or won’t get angry if I dance by myself. Because I will be dancing.

Someone who doesn’t care if he comes home to a Mommy/daughter Little Mermaid/Disney/Tea party.

Someone who likes Colorado microbrews and California wines.

Mutual Motivation.

Someone who likes spicy food, or at least can deal with my hot sauce obsession.

Someone who thinks my stack of astrology books is weird but cute.

Someone who is nice to the waitress.

Someone who likes a little adventure and isn’t afraid to try new things (even if the new restaurant I choose is a little sketchy-looking)

Someone who won’t be personally offended if I care to play devil’s advocate.

Someone who can sit through my parents’ hippie drum circles and not blush too hard.

Someone who, like me, can make a home out of a strange place.

Someone who is as brave as I am.



11 thoughts on “The Ideal Man list”

  1. I read somewhere that in order to get what you want, you have to put it out there in the Universe-which you have just done. Nothing sappy about any of those, in my opinion. 🙂


  2. The “power of now”… putting it into the universe and it will be yours. My good friend achieved pregnancy after 10+ years of infertility, with this method. It works wonders. Good list! I hope that he is just around the corner for you!


  3. You might think this list in unrealistic, but it isn’t. The man you described sounds like a good partner & soulmate, and he is out there looking for you too. Have faith – you will find each other.


  4. I’m lovin’ it! I too know that he’s out there, and I admire that you wrote down what that perfect guy would be like. YOU are ideal for him as well. It will be fun watching what happens next…


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