Dress, Drama & Dreams

Every day, as soon as we get home, LB asks me if she can put on her “princess” dress. Even though Jiji’s wedding was in the summer of 2008, the flower girl dress still fits my Gemini child, and she apparently looks forward to wearing it all day long.  I, on the other hand, look forward to trading my tights & heels  for pajama pants & barefeet at the end of the day.

I’ve sent out the first 32 pages of my screenplay to family and friends and have gotten a wide array of feedback, mostly concern about the characters’ “hopeless, painful” outlook on life. I know I have a tendency to be melodramatic and over the top, so I’m trying to repress the urge to write a Shakespearean tragedy, and focus on what’s driving the characters. The bitter part of me wants to say “Life IS pain! People ARE hopeless!” but I think there’s a way to convey that without making the audience want to slit their wrists.

After a visit from HS Sweetheart, I watched the Nuggets dominate the Miami Heat on TNT last night, feeling a sense of satisfied calm in my bones. I went to bed and proceeded to dream the following:

I was visiting my dad, who lived in an over-turned boat, with two other aging hippies. His “home” was in the middle of a desert by an enormous dirty body of water, which he was convinced was the ocean. It looked like the Great Salt Lake. He wanted me to go surfing with him, but I refused.

I had driven all the way to see him because I was going to a Nugget’s game. Instead of downtown Denver, the Pepsi Center was in the middle of this desert, all by itself. There was one highway leading through the barren wasteland, jam-packed with cars, all leading to the Pepsi Center. I went in to watch the game and there was some chaos on the court. Carmelo Anthony had lost one of his $1 million diamond earings and no one could find it. Suddenly, I ran down to the court and picked up the earing and gave it to Carmelo Anthony. He was so grateful and the whole audience cheered. I stayed up all night, hanging out with the Nuggets, then realized I had to drive 6 hours back to Durango to go to work the next morning.

My hair was greasy, my clothes smelly and my eyes were black with mascara by the time I got to work. I fell asleep at my desk and the dream ended.

MsSingleMama’s man dreams about basketball. Apparently so do I.

5 thoughts on “Dress, Drama & Dreams

  1. The dream: Illusions belonging to loved ones, breaking away from parental influence, excessive celebrity luxuries, hanging with the cool kids, confinement by society’s rules (the J-O-B), appearance anxiety (like when you dream you forgot to put on your pants). Or something like that. 🙂

    You have awesome dreams, whatever it REALLY means. 🙂


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