Being a Pisces

“Focus on yourself.”

“Don’t care so much about what other people think.”

“Grow  a backbone.”

“Quit being a doormat.”

Dare to dream. All good advice.  I’d like to think I’ve come a long way from the barefoot & pregnant girl who refused to get dressed in the morning, cried all day long and stared longingly out the window. I’d like to think I’ve grown a backbone; gathered some self-esteem amongst the ashes of my past.  As strong as single motherhood has made me, I can’t deny my unconscious fishy needs.

I’m a Pisces. I’m  astrologically screwed. Here are some descriptions of  the unfortunate fate of my species.

Pisces people are frequently pegged as wishy-washy. They believe in people, are deeply hurt by compassionless human behavior, and have a hard time saying no. – Cafe Astrology 

Pisceans are compassionate, charitable and will quickly put the needs of others ahead of their own. The flip side to their giving natures is that oft-timid Fish are likely to be taken advantage of by less well-meaning souls –

Where do {Pisces} draw the line between compassion for their partner’s “weakness,” and saying, “Thank you for that blow. May I have another?”-

We live in a world where this element of one’s personality is almost considered a disability. In Modern America, where even the most tight-lipped, unforgiving, distrustful person can STILL get their identity stolen, my fellow fish and I might as well put a bullseye on our backs.

Its survival of the fittest, in business, relationships & social status. Those who aren’t guarded, who don’t have the street smarts to protect their sensitive little underbellies are going to get squashed in the process. Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly fighting against my need to bond with a person and the common sense I’ve been forced to acquire that says “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?”

There are some things we just can’t change about ourselves. What we are attracted to; what we desire. What tweaks our nerves; what gets our goat. Why we always order the same thing at certain restaurants. Why we crave specific scents; why we always cry during Fried Green Tomatoes. What makes us smile, and what song triggers the dance reflex.

Maybe Brian Wilson described it the best when he wrote the lyrics “I guess I just wasn’t made for these times.”

That’s not to say I DON”T want to live in these times. Even though I have a tendency to get myself into bad situations by trusting too much, I think I’ve learned enough lessons to counteract that to a certain degree.  In fact, in a world where empathy & compassion has become such a rarity, we Pisces should VALUE this about ourselves.

Of course it helps to have friends to kick us in the ass once and a while. 😉

17 thoughts on “Being a Pisces

  1. None of us are perfect. We all have challenges to come. You’re better off than some because you are self-aware enough to know what your challenges are. Love you!


  2. I think trusting too much is better than not trusting. The latter keeps you closed off from the world and from experiencing all the good things in life. Of course, it opens you to getting hurt but isn’t that better than living inside a shell?


  3. I agree that these qualities should be admired and not repressed. I suppose you should guard yourself to some extent, but I’d hate to think of world where EVERYONE was willing to sacrifice others for their own desires. You rock, as always.


  4. “In fact, in a world where empathy & compassion has become such a rarity, we Pisces should VALUE this about ourselves.”

    Amen! As a fellow Pisces, I SOO get this post. I struggle with the same things you wrote about. My sister always tells me “Don’t lose your humanity.” When I struggle with my nature and the reality of how some people are just shitty. I value that I am loving and forgiving, but I realize now, because of what I have been through that there is a fine line between being compassionate, understanding and kind and from being duped, used and taken advantage of.

    Rock on my fellow Pisces, kill em with kindness 🙂


  5. Am I the only one who thinks you put too much store by what some book says? The more you read this stuff, the more you become this stuff. Or perhaps it is my stubborn Taurean tendencies tell me that. 🙂 : )


  6. I love this post. It’s definitely hard to draw the line between being understanding and compassionate and then just being taken advantage of or used. I’m just glad you have gotten to know your limits and how to draw that line in the sand. None of us are perfect and we all do have to let our guard down at some point and trust people, even when it’s hard. All we can do is learn from our past experiences and use them to make our lives better or different down the line. And honestly, I think because of the world we live in, that being understanding and compassionate is something we could all use more of.


  7. YES!! I will be there to kick you in the ass!! hehe. Luv you much. Although that’s not to say us Taureans don’t need the same lol


  8. There are times when being a Pisces is really hard – like anytime I’m in large groups. But other times, I’m grateful that I can feel so moved and that I am in touch with an inner world that others may only skim.


  9. Some Questions:

    Is it better to feel what you want to feel even when you know that its going to get dashed on some rocks and break very soon or should you not feel at all and let it die even before birth?

    Is it real if you want it, need it, feel it and live in it or is reality only what people tell us what it is?

    Should you be angry that you made a mistake, should you be sad that you let yourself down or should you be calm and know in your heart that it is a choice that you made and would make again and again?

    Is it possible to already be in love without knowing who it is you are loving?

    Hi…I am a Pisces and I am still searching for the answers……


  10. when i was a child i didnt know or care about my sign i was born kind and had empathy,symathy,didnt know what that meant every thing i see suffer i suffer kill an animal and igo crazy i almost like animals more then people cause thye only do things for the right reasons.the older i get the worse i hurt about things i have a mean spirited sis who delights in hurting me and iv never gotten it its almost driven to THE EDGE its so painful most people i can blow off but family??i see all the wrongs done i the world from pollution to anima cruelty to whatever most people blow it off i know you cant fix it all. i always approach my sis not expecting her to hurt me and she ALWAYS finds a way.i was born march 5


  11. tara thanks for your response lately iv had a lil time and im visiting people i havent in a long time .one is a pisces who looked at me and said she will notlet the world affect her anymore, the other one is a 1half sis who is not emotional like me and she says so what about everything and she is right she is 80 years old. your sis is targeting you cause are sort of a weak link easy target they know who they can bash im 62 and determinded to live a dif way get a harder shell .the mean sister is gettting me now by declaring i cant travel with her cause o a trip we took thaat she bullied me the whole time????so now in my mind we are not even friends much less sisters hope she never needs melol she takes a non family member to visist our relatives all the time and makes sure i know??she called the other day to say she was coming to my town and maybe we could go to this other town i disappered and have no idea if she came or not if you cant take me to nice states to visit relatives then NO.i really prob will never be comfortable in this what i considera acruel screwed up world but i only have 2 options live or die


  12. I’m capricorn ascendant pisces. So screw me, the worst part you can’t talk to nobody because what you feel shows you as weak. I live alone with my mom that has parkinsons. Just waiting for her to peacefully die, so I can suicide afterwards. But this fucking world won’t even let you die with decency, and even will judge you. When little, and my pisces thought of everything with pink color, never thought suicidal thoughts would be my everynight rutine.


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