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Risk Factors

I had my first Parent/Teacher conference today. I know my kiddo is only 3, but the program she’s been going to is 1000x better than the hell hole HEADSTART. They actually sit down with parents and tell them useful things about their children. They follow Creative Curriculum. All the teachers have BAs or higher.

Not to sounds like an elitist bitch,  but I like that.

Roofie did not make their grand appearance. They also ditched out on this weekend with LB because they needed some “child-free time” together.

Blow me,  Assclowns.

LB’s awesome teachers told me she’s a very creative, imaginative, social little girl. They also told me that when she comes back from her dad’s house she is more aggressive, argumentative, stressed out, anxious, clingy, emotional, and over-tired.

They want to classify her as having emotional risk factors.

Can someone pour hot sauce in my eye, please? Or better yet, Roofie’s eye?

I plan on drowning myself in Carmelo Anthony and some microbrews tonight.


8 thoughts on “Risk Factors”

  1. I’m glad you’re documenting that others see it, too, when she gets back from a visit. It may become important later.
    I thought of you – I got Teens Love & Logic through my insurance plan (for free!). I probably wouldn’t have gotten it had it not been for your series of posts on the classes, so thanks!


  2. Glad to hear you like the school so much. It is no surprise they love LB! I think it is important for you to document things they say. You may be able to use them and their testimonies if you ever need to go to court. If they are noticing drastic differences at school then that could really help you. Maybe if things get worse with Roofie you can take their documentation to Child Services or something. I am not saying that is ideal, but everything you can get from people that spend time with LB that can attest professionally on her upbringing will help you! Keep it up sweetie! I miss you all! xoxoxox


  3. Nathan’s right, you should totally get that in writing, might come in handy for the future. I’m glad that LB’s new daycare actually notices, goes to show that they care and are being attentive. I’ll see ya tomorrow, hopefully! 😀


  4. It’s awesome that LB’s preschool pays enough attention to her to notice the changes. And like everyone else said, it’s probably good that someone else sees the differences in her when she comes back from their house.

    I’m glad you’re loving LB’s preschool. Change is hard (for me anyway), but it can be just what is needed sometimes. I’m loving Shiloh’s new preschool too. I don’t know why I ever doubted moving her.


  5. How awesome is that?? Would you have even found that out through Headstart?? It is very true that people take on negative moods and now you have the proof. Yay for LB doiung so great!!


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