single mom


Remember my little freak out about being De-Mommied? I am happy to say that I am once again called “Mommy” full-time.  To add to that sick, selfish pleasure, LB announced that I am also ” a better cook than Blondie.”

As much as I tried to prevent myself from enjoying that statement (like the courts want you to), I found it near impossible.

15 pages into screenplay. Very excited to see it take shape.


6 thoughts on “Re-Mommied”

    1. I miss you too! Between Facebooking, Blogging, Chatting, Twittering and Screenwriting, I can’t keep up 😦 Oh right, then there’s the full time job thing.


  1. Apparently I missed the post about being de-Mommied, so I went back and read it. It made me mad! (At Blondie and family, not LB of course.) I don’t know that I could handle it half as well as you. And I’m glad that you’re back to “Mommy” again.

    Oh, and if you’re not allowed to take pleasure in the fact that you’re a better cook, I will. Haha Blondie!


  2. If this was a status update I would be clicking the Like button. I would find it impossible not to take pleasure in that fact as well 🙂


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