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Over a year ago, I posted this PMS gem, bemoaning my fat ass life. While swapping summer clothes for winter clothes, I found the jeans at the bottom of my drawer. Still brand-spanking new, and completely unworn, I took a deep breath and slid them up my legs.

Guess what?  THEY FIT!

So, if you’re feelin’ down about your present situation, who knows where you’ll be in a year. If you’ve been blogging that long, take a look at your posts from a year ago. 

What have you grown into? What fits you now that didn’t before? Think about what will fit you next year!


8 thoughts on “:)”

  1. Woohoo!! LOVE this! So true!!

    What a really short but sweet post. That’s what I love about blogging. Sometimes I can’t even relate to the person I was a few months ago let alone a whole year!

    Thanks Hanna!


  2. OMG I just did the same thing. As part of the marital separation, I happened upon clothing I hadn’t seen in over 6 years. I fit into a part of jeans that hadn’t fit me since before my daughters were born. Score!


  3. So even though I should be in no way able to relate to you [I’m married, have never been on my own, and do not have kids] I found myself reading through your entire blog archive after running in to it via I just wanted to let you know that your honesty about your station is completely refreshing and beautiful. It sounds weird, but after reading through the last two years of your life in one day, I feel like I know and understand you, and I just wanted to let you know that I am hooked and will keep lurking 🙂


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