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Cuts Pt 2

I’ve mentioned before that I work for the state of Colorado. Obviously, we aren’t as much in the hole as California or Arizona, but the government isn’t going in the right direction financially, and the Governor has made it clear that people will be losing their jobs.

The Head Honcho of our organization came to our office meeting yesterday. 2.5-5 million dollars are expected to be cut from our budget in the next year. Since the Governor has used federal stimulus money to ease some of the financial burden, this means that we may be able to keep our jobs a little longer. If Governor Ritter decides Colorado needs that money NOW, then we may be cleaning out our desks ASAP.

Last time my organization made Personnel cuts, it was based on seniority. People were moved from department to department, bumping out the peons who only had a few months under their belt. I’ve been employed for about 9 months now. The hiring freeze went into effect right after I got my job, so guess who is on the bottom of the totem pole?

I also talked to Lawyerdude about how moving 6 hours away will affect my custody agreement. He told me that I need to give Roofie a certain amount of time before I leave, and notify them in writing. He also advised that I either get a job in Denver or get laid off before I make this move, otherwise I may have a fight on my hands. I think I will probably have a fight either way, but I was glad to get a little more information.

So do I throw the job search into high gear already, and keep one step ahead of the game? Do I take my chances and see if I can keep my job at least till next summer? Do I just wait until I’m laid off so Roofie has no case against me moving?

Still working on my screenplay. I’m on page 3 of my Treatment, but I hate it. I have too much going on, too many characters, too much drama, no way to resolve it. Its starting to remind me of a really bad Lifetime movie and I haven’t even started the physical script yet.  I’m trying not to let my previous screenwriting experience cloud my pure little baby script, but last night I had a minor freakout after trying to get LB to sleep in her Twin bed for the first time.

Hopefully tonight I can get my s*** together and fix this problem.


4 thoughts on “Cuts Pt 2”

  1. Eh, so submit it to Lifetime instead 🙂

    I’m sorry about your job situation. I absolutely think you should throw it into high gear, but that’s because the thought of losing my own job makes me nauseous.

    Good luck with everything, hun.


  2. Sorry to hear your screenplay’s stalled. What is it with these states and these cuts. Hopefully there won’t be another economic downturn and if there in the sad event that there is the states can be better prepared. Yeah it does seem like you’ll have a fight either way. Glad you have a lawyer to talk to anyway. Good luck with what you decide.


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