single mom

Cause I’m a half-ass…

  • Really unhappy at work right now.
  • Sending out more applications for state jobs & refreshing resume.
  • Screenwriting software is nowhere to be found, so I’m still working on Screenplay via Facebook notes (Ghetto fabulous, eh?) until I can afford to purchase new software.
  • Daughter wants to be a pumpkin for Halloween, attempting to sew for the first time in years.
  • Had a chat with Roofie’s mom. Cannot deny my sick pleasure in the fact that “they aren’t doing too well.”
  • Colors are changing. Weather is beautiful.
  • Anarchy has been declared in Denver. The Broncos look like a bunch of wild banshees. I hope Champ Bailey can keep them in line. They’ve been pulling miracle plays out of their asses against crappy teams, but  I’m scared for the big guns.
  • Is it basketball season yet?
  • Got my first speeding ticket since high school. I think I like driving my new car too much.
  • Broke the “Resistance Band” that came with my EA Active game. No more bicep curls. Sucks.
  • Having very strange dreams about Chivman & Scorpio #1.
  • Trying to keep an open mind about first impressions, instead of immediately kicking men to the wind if I don’t feel an immediate “spark”. It’s hard to go against my instincts.
  • Realizing I haven’t been on a real “date” since I was 16.
  • Looking forward a passion-filled weekend. Is it only Monday?

7 thoughts on “Cause I’m a half-ass…”

  1. Sigh, a full plate; but it will all fall into place, and you will be able to at least have some down time this weekend. I had to grin a little, too, upon hearing that Roofie and Co. aren’t doing too well; cry me an effing river, right? 🙂 sending you hugs.


  2. Could you have more going on? (As if I’m one to talk about that 😉 The Broncos definitely have slopped out…I love that they’re first in their division right now. Love that LB wants to be a pumpkin! Very cool! Hugs =D


  3. Are you on a mac? There is a great free software for Novel writing that might work well for your purpose too… its called Jers Novel writer… it allows you to create characters, locations etc and link them to your text so if you needed to look up all the occurrences of a single character, for example, you can do so. Its pretty nifty! Hope that helps!


  4. I want a passion filled weekend too!!

    I wonder if the weird dreams have to do with your uncertainty?

    Good luck on the job search! Have you decided what you want? Write it down!! Those lists really do manifest into reality!


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