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Scorpio Men

Why I like Scorpio Men:

  • They are confident
  • The are direct
  • They are unnerving
  • They are intense
  • They are serious
  • They challenge you
  • They shock you
  • They are good kissers
  • They turn me on like a lightbulb
  • They are dedicated
  • They don’t do anything half-assed
  • They have secrets
  • They like mystery
  • They indulge in fantasy
  • They have no fear
  • They have high standards
  • They make me wonder what they are thinking

They make me wanna….


13 thoughts on “Scorpio Men”

  1. Add “they understand you better than anyone ever has” and you just described my Scorpio to a tee. The only man to ever stand up to my classic Virgo-ness. Fun list!


  2. I love scorpio men. Really love ’em. But it never seems to work out because I too am a scorpio and I need someone to draw me out of myself every once and a while. It’s no good having two people stuck in their own heads and full of secrets all the time.


  3. Love the list. Hehehe….my brother is a Scorpio and it makes me realize that a Leo/Scorpio mix might not be so good in a relationship. You never know though…maybe I’ll get swept off my feet by a Scorpio. 😉


  4. Ugh…Sushi Boy is a Scorpio and the thought of another one makes me want to curl up in a corner and sleep for 20 years. You can have them!


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