single mom
Really stressful day.  Both jobs I applied for sent me letters indicating the required testing dates. One in Boulder on Tuesday, August 18th. One in Littleton on Friday, August 21st. Definitely can’t do either of them. Feel like a shitty employee. Daughter screamed and cried all the way to daycare. Boss refused to approve an altered schedule for next week due to daycare being closed. Boss got angry that I was planning to work through lunch without her permission. I’m so behind on work.  30 projects are over a month old now.  No way I can finish everything in a 40-hour workweek. A 5th Leo birthday dinner on Thursday. Driving to Denver again this weekend. Friend wants to go to another concert the weekend after next. Trying to stop combining the words Baby+Roofie. Much kissing with HS Sweetheart. Much thinking about Chivman. Much wine in a box drinking and Wii Fit doing.

Think I need a mental health day.


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  1. Everyone at my house has to get sick-myself included-in order to get a mental health day; I imagine your life is much like mine in that respect, which basically sucks.


  2. Aw man it’s like Monday continued. Sucks you have so much to deal with. I don’t have many good thoughts myself these days hoiping things will get better for ya.


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