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A board member?

After all the drama with Headstart this year, last night the Executive Director asked me if I would accept a nomination to be on their board.

Jigga what? 

Let’s review the history :

A few weeks ago I was invited to be a representative from the Policy Committee on an interviewing team for the new director of my daughter’s old daycare.

ME:  Well, technically, I’m no longer a parent at Headstart, so I don’t think I can be on the interview team.

HR DIRECTOR: Oh. Well we can have you as a community representative/former parent.

 The fact that the center director was being replaced tweaked a mean streak of satisfaction/frustration in me. I didn’t want my complaints to get anyone fired. I just wanted the policy changed, and Spot rehired.  But had my voice actually been heard? Did they think my opinions were actually valuable? Did I  possess some tiny nugget of…… dare I say……power?

The organization I had grown to hate so much was asking for my fledgling expertise. I thought they had thrown a party the day I took LB out of their center. I figured my name would be added to the “most dramatic parent of all time” list at the annual barbecue.

So I joined the interview team. I wasn’t shy. I spoke up. Igave my reccomendations for who I thought they should hire. It felt good, and a week later, they asked me if I would like to be on another interview team.

HR DIRECTOR : We just thought you brought up really good points, and everyone loved having your perspective.

I may have been OD-ing on the compliment, but I agreed to witness another round of interviews. Headstart was officially stroking my ego. They were sucking up to me. They liked me, they really liked me!

This eventually led to them offering me a spot on the Board. The HR Director initially made a fuss because it meant I had to quit the Policy Committee and they really wanted me on it. So essentially they were fighting over me *insert head getting bigger and bigger here*.


What just happened? Didn’t I say I was DONE with Headstart? That I thought their organization was a shoddy excuse for childcare establishment? That they treated their employees like Fast Food workers? That they treated parents like they should kiss the ground they walked on?

I was high on the drug of acknowledgement. The pill of appreciation. The needle of value. I was definitely toking the power pipe. I didn’t know what to say. Did I really want to be involved in this? I had been trying as hard as I could to get away from it.

So I told them I would think about it. What good would being on a board of directors do me? And why do they want a 27-year-old, hell-raising single mom on this board? There must be alterior motives. Unless they really do value me.

Ugh I’m such a Pisces.



11 thoughts on “A board member?”

  1. Wow! I’ve wanted to respond a number of times to your posts (because you SO inspire me with your awesome writing!), but time always gets in my way. However…here you are with an opportunity to use your intellect, experience, passion for what you believe in to make a real difference in an organization. Go for it, girl! You’re just what they need. In a way, you’ll be even more effective because the issues do not hurt or help you or LB in any way. You’re just speaking for what other parents need, what you think good management should look like, etc. You will also get to learn a lot about an organization along the way. I vote YES!


  2. I was going to say go for it, but then I’m not really understanding why you have to quit the Policy Committee. Not to say that you’re NOT great and your opinions are absolutely valuable – I’m just wondering if to them, you’ll be less of a PITA if you’re on the Board than on the Policy Committee. (‘Cuz I’m a cynic like that.)

    I think you should definitely still be a part of this operation however possible. Because screw them, and you’re willing. I just want you to be as effective as possible, and I’m wondering if that might be the Committee over the Board.


  3. I say go for it… as a member of the board you can help get things changed. You have first hand experience with their policies. It is true that now you can speak up for everyone,and they can’t accuse you of being self-serving. I don’t know what could be wrong with it at all! Proud of you BTW!!!! xoxoxo


  4. How friggin cool is that? You get hand picked for positions simply for being yourself and not editing a thing you say. Fuck yeah! Headstart’s not going anywhere and could benefit from a voice that could help guide it in a positive direction. Go you!


  5. Wow I think it’s because you questioned things, they want you involved. Go for it!!! They clearly need the voice of reason over there.


  6. I tend to be cynical too. That being said you should go for it. Hopefully your perspective will actually merit some debate and hopefully some sort of changes…


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