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42-15592955 Tonight is the first of THREE lunar eclipses this year.  It also happens to be a full moon,  so if you’re in the mood for some magic, here’s your Vampire window of opportunity:

  • East Coast: 5:21 am
  • West Coast: 3:21 am

So….Set your alarms, cause I bet it will be a pretty spectacular show.

What are the astrological significances of eclipses?

The Amazing Astrologer Anne Ortelee says:

Eclipses are like can-can dances ~ the Sun, Moon and Earth all line up in a row and dance together, kicking up their heels. They also kick up our emotions, feelings and cause us to dance with either joy, fear or the sense of change. Eclipses seem to make things happen ~ they are juicier. Things hanging on by a thread break, snap or release. Hidden things come to light. Boils are lanced. Fights erupt. Changes happen. Our destiny seems to shift and change on eclipses. –

Wickedly good Astrologer Julie Demboski says

Full Moons are traditionally periods of culmination, so I think it’s only natural, maybe found in our DNA, or our Collective memory, or perhaps a result of the Moon’s pull on the sea elements of the bloodstream, that causes us to be alert, to be looking for, if not danger, then unanticipated change and effect. It’s a primal call we’re feeling right now, on the eve of the event; we must honor the need to be attentive, to be ready to respond, while still remembering that we’ve lived through a lot of eclipses, and chances are we’ll live through quite a few more.-

What’s going on with you right now? Are you buzzed on the moon’s energy? I know the events that transpired over the weekend simply reeked of full moon eclipse.


3 thoughts on “Eclipse”

  1. What’s going on in my life? Well… I guess my weekend was full of little, subtle signs that The Yooper really has his mind set on this being a serious, long-term relationship. We spent a lot of time together over the weekend, and I feel even more comfortable with him.

    And what happened to you? You can’t just say things “reeked of full moon eclipse” and leave me hanging like that!


  2. Dude… thanks for this post.

    I’m usually up (unwillingly and full of rage on most mornings, heh) ~5:45. I can probably pull myself out of bed half an hour earlier.

    I’m excited!!

    I think I live in a constant state of lunar eclipse based on those snipits. (ha)

    Can’t wait to hear about your weekend. (We will hear about your weekend, right?!)


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