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Negatives & Positives

carSanta Fe is a weird city. It reminds me of Durango on crack. Its also has no city blocks. Nothing is in a square. Driving in Santa Fe is like  following the yellow brick road. It curves and winds, and you never know what is around the next corner.

They also have zoning laws that restrict the height of all buildings to 2 stories. Add that to their monochromatic adobe design laws, its virtually impossible to orient yourself and get where you need to go.

After a brief desert monsoon, the sky cleared up and resumed its gorgeous New Mexico weather. I met the Craigslist seller, exchanged pleasantries and paperwork, drove the car and became the owner of the car you see before you.

Did I meantion it has a sunroof?  And its a stick? And it has 6 disc in-dash CD player? I know the rest of America has already moved on to in-dash Ipod docks, but considering my previous car had nothing but a tape player and 2 blown speakers, I’m pretty stoked.

“I really wanna do right by you,” the Texan hippie told me as he handed over the keys. “Call me if ANYTHING goes wrong with it, and I will get it figured out. This car is great, I’ve had a lot of fun times in it. I hope it  works out as well for you too.”

I took a loan out against my own CD account, which didn’t make any sense to me, but the world of finance is completely greek to me. Once I finish my payments/the CD matures, I get it all back. So for the next 3 years, its bye bye egg donation money, hello rebuilding credit.

LB’s Whooping Cough test results finally came in this morning: NEGATIVE.  of course I’m happy and relieved, but pissed in so many other ways. Pissed that I doubted myself. Pissed that I was guilt-tripped. Pissed that I had to watch a nurse scrape my sobbing daughter’s nostrils till they bled. Pissed that I had to keep her out of daycare for no reason at all. 

My mother, the motivational speaker told me, “Don’t hate, it makes you bitter. I know this.  You decided not to vaccinate, so you will have to deal with this everywhere your daughter goes.”

*Sigh* Of course she’s right. She’s a Cancer, and she’s psychic. She’s always right.

 However, I amvery thankful she was on antibiotics all week because when I picked her up from Roofie’s house, all I could hear was the sound of 5 people hacking up their lungs. Despite her surroundings, my kiddo was cough-free.

Even more to brag about, all but one of my wishes came true.  I’m working on #4 still, which has definite possibilities in the near future. If you haven’t read Mama Cum Laude’s & Mommypie’s stories, think of their common denominator and combine it with my little trist a month ago.

If that doesn’t work out, Craigslist Texan might be making a trip to Durango soon. He’s determined to bring me the silly “cover” that attempts to discourage vandals from breaking into your car. Did I mention he’s kind cute, not to mention really sweet?



21 thoughts on “Negatives & Positives”

  1. Love the new car!! My how I miss driving a stick! But you’ll love the sunroof and CD Changer!! I’m so spoiled to mine, now!


  2. So, are Cancers prone to being right most of the time? Because, The Yooper is a Cancer (well, depending on which website I look at — his bday is June 21, which appears to be on the border of Gemini and Cancer)… and he definitely likes to think that he’s always right (and, so far, he HAS been right most of the time). Either way, I like to pretend that he’s mostly a Cancer, because Anna’s dad is a Gemini and that obviously didn’t work out!


  3. Yay for the new wheels! And it’s great that the test came back negative. Interesting take on Santa Fe. I guess one day I’ll pass throught he town on my way to Texas…


  4. Hey nice wheels babe so glad I could finaly read this don know why I have never wait? mabey I have I cant remeber. Anyways Santa fe has great chile but thats about it. I had “charming weekend” My van broke down on a friday night in Santa Fe so no freaking shops where open till monday. You are right its like durango but with green chile and Adobe walls every where!!!!!! ahhhh! . The mall is even about the same size when you consider that the stores are all closing because of the bad economy. I was stuck down there for three whole days what the hell this always happens to me. You have been through 5 car hun the new one is hot at lest that is what Teresa says. I have been through 16 cars. The moral to this is dont let Ed drive a car of yours. They should pay me to ruin cars. Any ways Hanna we all love you here in the springs sorry we didnt get to see you or lilly I hate that we missed you. If you have #2 and its a boy then you will understand or manbey you wont mabey you will want to pull all your hair out and go bald like I am.


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