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The Return of Roofie

No results on Whooping Cough test yet. Apparently the lab is inundated with requests and are way behind schedule. Ironically, both Blondie’s sister and her two kids have full blown, hacking-up-their-lung Pertussis, so I’m actually glad I got LB on antibiotics before I’m forced to send her over there this weekend.

  • Spot is secured at the new daycare. My kiddo can start the first week of July. 🙂
  • Meeting Craigslist dude tomorrow morning to drive the car, and most likely purchase it 🙂

Between these two major changes, my bills will increase $530 a month. Luckily, with my new job & the egg donation cash, I can afford it. I’m pretty lucky actually.

Since I am attempting to involve Roofie in parental decision-making, I told him about the new daycare and LB transitioning next month.

Rooferman: You know I can’t afford that.

ME:  I can afford it. Plus, I’m the one who’s paying for it anyway.

Rooferman: Blondie is at home every day with the kids, you know. We could both save money if we let LB stay home with her instead.

ME: This place is one of the best daycares in the county. Its brand new, it was funded by Ben Nighthorse Campbell, plus it has the same schedule as my job, and I could get there in less than 2 minutes if there was an emergency and I needed to pick her up. If you wanna go look at it, I think you would agree that its an amazing facility.

Rooferman: Blondie is homeschooling, so it would be educational.

ME: Well I guess we need to talk about this more in depth. I’m filling out the paperwork if you want to look at it.

Rooferman: Please keep your heart open on this.  And yeah,  I definitely need to see the paperwork before you turn it in.

ME: *deep sigh* I gotta go. 

OMG. He’s been reduced to begging. I am once again the evil bitch. How did I know this one was coming? Should have just kept my big mouth shut, only that would mean I wasn’t involving him, and he will definitely bring that up next year in court. I foresee another mediation session with his parents over this one.

P.S. Apparently Blondie and Rooferman are in counseling, according to his mother. Pre-Marriage counseling? Couples’ counseling? Who knows. All I can say is Blondie must have him wrapped around her finger, because that was more than I EVER got Rooferman to do with me.

P.P.S I still went and bought a Father’s Day card for LB to give to him this weekend.

Ugh. Is it happy hour yet?



11 thoughts on “The Return of Roofie”

  1. Oh yeah, Father’s Day… oops. (Anna’s dad is in Afghanistan anyway, so I’m using that as an excuse for not doing anything… plus, I didn’t get anything for Mother’s Day from him)

    Ugh! Rooferman! I seriously feel extremely annoyed at him every time he’s mentioned. I would’ve completely lost my cool by now if I had to deal with him.


  2. “please keep your heart open” – seriously did HE say that? Sorry had to giggle at that!

    I had a similar discussion with mine about schools – lol – he doesnt pay for the school so WHY does he think he gets a say? I was just telling him!

    Happy hour is ongoing my friend 🙂

    Hope the car is a winner!

    Oh and Hippie SA is in the mountains – we have those too – I want to go to to the Farm Lands :O)


  3. I think giving a Father’s Day gift is the right thing to do. It sets a very good example for your daughter. I buy small (inexpensive) gifts for my daughters to give to their dad on holidays and they LOVE it! I don’t do it for him — I do it for them.

    My ex fought me tooth and nail for joint legal custody so that he could be part of the decision making process. Now he defers all decision making to me. I think they just do these things to make our lives miserable!


  4. Yeah for a new car, good luck!! Good job being patient & telling Roofie about the daycare, and I’m glad she’ll be in some place so great – and it’s “NEUTRAL” not your place or his…..good for her to get away & get the socialization! Aidan gets to start preschool soon at 3 due to his special needs (hearing) so he’ll LOVE the socialization, as it is he asks to see his cousin daily!


  5. Roofie – ugh! At this age, it totally makes sense for you to get him a Father’s Day card. The girls decided to make presents for my dad this year.


  6. That is awesome that Roofie is in counseling. It’s amazing the things that we learn and try to do better. Maybe he truly is trying to make positive changes in his life for the sake of his family. I think it is so great when you see someone taking major positive steps in his/her life and deciding to continue to put one foot in front of the other. You surely have to give an ample amount of credit for the bravery and strength.


  7. Dude, your patience is admirable, seriously. Cuz I would have kicked some serious roofie ass a HELLUVA long time ago! Wow.

    Happy Fathers Day sweetie. 🙂


  8. You handle all this so well. I think I might have laughed in his face when he suggested Blondie watching her. Okay, maybe not, but I would have wanted to.


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