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More hot guys from Reality TV

I could make a really dirty crab joke here...

So tonight I get my White Trash Hottie  fix,  and last night I was fully enjoying my strapping young Fisherman fix (see photo). Who knew the world of Reality TV had so much wealth in the manmeat department?

Wow. I may O.D. and end up starring on my Monday Night fix.  Rehab from these boys could be in my future.

After this hell week, a glass of wine and some alone time with Jake & his brother Josh is definitely what the doctor ordered. Hell, I may even watch The Perfect Storm afterwards, and really get the full cap-wearing, plaid shirt, blue collor manly man treatment.

2 more days to get through. I’m driving to Santa Fe this weekend to check out a very promising Craiglist car. If I can get my finances together before then, I might be taking some steps away from this evil week. Cross your fingers on these things:

  1. Meeting with new daycare goes well and LB can get in ASAP.
  2. Those test results come back negative.
  3. I come home with a new car on Saturday.
  4. I get laid soon and stop my morbid obsessing over Deadliest Catch and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Toodles 🙂


14 thoughts on “More hot guys from Reality TV”

  1. My favorite show is absolutely Deadliest Catch. I think, though, that my reasons for watching might be a bit different than yours.

    And yes…I’m also hoping you get laid soon. Just ’cause.



  2. Fingers crossed! This post made me giggle because I’m known for having weird crushes myself. I hope everything pans out for you and that the rest of your week/weekend is lovely.


  3. Much better, I might even watch the show now…though I did think of you today when I was flipping through channels today and Leland Chapman splashed across my screen. As far as getting laid goes…ick so not interested, my sex drive hasn’t been so non-existent since I was 14, not sure what exactly to attribute that to, could be any number of things. I hope you meet a handsome real life man soon.


    1. Wow I’m now associated with Dog the Bounty Hunter. Since I live in Colorado, I keep thinking maybe I’ll see one of my ex-drug dealer friends getting busted on the show. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe I don’t need to get laid. Maybe that will just fuel my obsession even more.

      Here’s to hoping your sex drive returns one day. 😉


  4. Good lord, i know how you feel! Jake is the only reason why i like watching this show! He is what you would call, a mega hottie…. i think… heeheehee…. there is something about fishermen, is there not??


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