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Colorado Single Mom Bloggers Unite

cobloggersOk so you’re probably going to see this photo on all three of our blogs, (Mindy being the first one to get it up there), but none of us remembered to bring our cameras, and after 8 hours of driving with a menopausal grandma and a 3-year-old Gemini, I think I have a get-out-jail free card on this one. Since Mindy had the coolest phone, she did the honors and forced the waitress to take this photo of Cyndi, herself and me.

I think it turned out pretty good, considering it was taken after 3 beers & 2 shots of Patron in a sports bar with minimal lighting.

Meeting these two ladies made me seriously rethink my chosen Colorado location. In fact, the whole weekend has got me thinking. I mean,  I love Durango. LB has both sets of grandparents, as well as He-Who-Shall-not-be-Named here. I’ve worked for the school district, so I know who all her teachers will be in the upcoming years. I have my core group of girlfriends who I can’t wait to see raise their kids here, and after moving almost every year of my life, I finally feel like I’m from somewhere.

But sometimes I miss the city. I miss the diversity. I miss opportunity. I miss possibility. Durango has a dash of that here and there, and its future is definitely filled with growth and maybe a splash of excitement, but its still just a sleepy little lovable town.

I now Denver is no New York, or LA or Boston, but it still gave me an adrenaline rush just being inside the city limits. That has to mean something, right? Maybe I miss the city. Maybe if the opportunity presented itself, I wouldn’t be too adverse to the idea?may 09 013

I got to see both my sister and my aunt this weekend as well, which was a treat to say the least.  LB  received two early birthday presents (See the Sock Monkey and baby doll). My aunt is hiding behind my mom’s head, and my little sister is posing with the monkey on her shoulder.

I miss my sister a lot. She is helping her friends drive back to Alaska, which consists of a week’s worth of driving through the back country of Canada. She’s also graduating with her Masters in Geology, and will probably continue with her Ph.D (yeah, she likes rocks that much). She’s probably the most dedicated, selfless, honest, BS-free person I know. Which I is why I hope the state of Oregon will follow suit and recognize equal marriage rights when she and her girlfriend move there next year. Cause that’s what I want for my sister; her right to be happy.

While in Denver, I also got to see my friends from high school. Once again, I forgot to bring a camera (good thing I don’t blog professionally, eh?), but I was happy to see them both jovial and in good health. I have missed them, and through the miracle of Facebook, I have kept up on their lives, but I wish I could be closer.

3 days of travel have been good, but they’ve made me hungry for more connections. Who else can I meet? What other skeletons can I dig up? What hidden gems are out there for me to discover? I’ve started to rack my brain, and I don’t know if its a good thing or a bad.

How was your weekend?


15 thoughts on “Colorado Single Mom Bloggers Unite”

  1. I’m glad that you had a fantastic trip. If you are ever in the DFW area let me know! I just met my first blogger in real life and it made me want to meet everyone in person now!


  2. Glad you had such a pleasant weekend!! And I know how you feel with the location thing. My family is here, my work is here, my whole life is here and it would be hard to leave this place for so many reasons…..but at the same time, this is just a little town in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and no one new to meet. A really great opportunity would have to present itself to entice me away from all the people and things and places that I love….but the thought still stays in the back of my head where I wonder if I would pack my things, grab my son, and run away from this place screaming if given the right chance.


  3. I am glad that it was a good trip; you all look like you weathered it fairly well, all things considered. And hey if it were me, that fact that family is around would be enough of a reason TO move. I mean, that’s why I am where I am, ha ha ha.


  4. It sounds like a fun weekend. I’ll be going through something similar this week. Seeing a bloggy friend tomorrow, then on Wed., having lunch with one of my old best friends from high school!


  5. Yea! I’m glad you had a great time. It’s always that way when I go away too…I always think about the possibilites of a new place. My trip didn’t really make me want to move, it just made me want to travel even more. I had seriously forgotten how much I love it, even though I just went on a weekend trip. Glad you made it home safe and sound…see ya soon =D


  6. Girl – you outed me about the shots of Patron!! But what can I say? I was happy to have you as my partner in shot-consuming. 😉 It was SO great to meet you. And for all you who haven’t had the pleasure; Hanna is like you would think but WAY BETTER in person!

    So you have the city-bug now eh? Well, you know you always have some single mamas to hang with here now. Glad you made it back OK and enjoyed your trip.


  7. It was SO awesome to finally get to meet you! Although you missed getting to hang out with the golf pro with raging BO after you left. Bummer huh? The raped one… er, uh, the hoofed one and I went on to kick some serious boo-tay over the next two days so the weekend was fantastic.

    Glad you made it home safely.


  8. I’m glad you had fun! I’ll always love going to bigger cities, but I think I wouldn’t know what to do if I ever lived in one.

    Nothing much happened over my weekend, but there are a couple weekends in the next month or so that should be very promising 🙂


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