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Better care of myself

I woke up yesterday to a pool of drool on my pillow, and realized that I was unable to swallow. My speaking voice had resembled an asphyxiated Kermit the Frog, and I could barely hear from either of my ears. In other words:

Mercury Rx+Partying+ Young Buck + cigarettes+losing shoes+missing Young Buck+alcohol+ self-doubt+PMSing+Denver Nuggets games+ return of Young Buck+wine= Sick as a dog.

So, I need to hurry up and take better care of myself.

Sunday night, I received a text message asking if I had an empty house. Stifling elated squeaks, I confirmed my solitude and minutes later Young Buck arrived.  We exchanged final words, swapped clothing and other…ahem.. pleasantries, and it felt great to bring everything to close.  Later he sent me another text saying, “You’ve become a good friend and I will miss you.”

See, that’s how I wanted it to end.

Last night I tossed and turned in a Codeine-induced hallucinogenic state, thinking about how my daughter turns 3 in less than 10 days and I have yet to plan the party other than announcing it on Facebook. I also found out my gay friend gets out of prison next weekend (that’s a whole post in itself), and I will be driving the 8 hours to Denver to see my sister in 2 days. She’s helping one of her friends drive a car back to Alaska, so it will be a brief visit.

LB has definitely stepped up the tantrums since visiting her dad. I granted his request to keep her Friday-Monday due to Memorial Day being his holiday, and she was a holy terror when they dropped her off. Blondie always puts her hair in pigtails when she’s over there, and its cute, but it pisses me off because I suck at girly things like that. Hell, I barely wore shoes as a child, let alone Disney Princess barrettes.

Now that 2 days have passed since her homecoming, LB has settled down again, but its exhausting getting her back into the routine, especially when your throat feels like its being eaten away by acid. Luckily my clogged ears provided enough relief to deal with the screaming. I wonder if people think I’m skewering a pig.

Game 5 tonight. The antibiotics I’m on should have worked enough for me to cheer for Birdman, Carmelo, Smitty and Billups tonight. The Nuggets are gleaming, voted the best team in the finals right now. Lets see how far they can go.

After everything that’s happened so far in 2009, I wonder how far I can go.


13 thoughts on “Better care of myself”

  1. That’s so nice that everything ended well with Young Buck.

    I can put Anna’s hair in pigtails, but I’m usually too lazy to do it. That’s what the women on her dad’s side of the family are for — her aunt and cousin are really girly and like to dress her up.

    If you wouldn’t have linked to the Nuggets, I would’ve had no clue what you were talking about except that it was a sports team! I only know stuff about hockey, and I’m also one of those mean kind of people who think that hockey rules over everything and all other sports are for pussies. Not a good way to think since over 3/4 of the country doesn’t agree with me, but whatever… (I will also be watching a Game 5 tonight… but it’ll be the Detroit Redwings)


    1. I like Hockey too 🙂 My sis played hockey in college, and my Canadian friends feel the same way you do about every other sport being for pussies. I played Basketball in college, so I’m partial to the sport. I didn’t know who the Redwings were until high school, so feel free to throw peanuts at me.


  2. Hey! You’re coming to Denver?! “CyndiLuWho” and I were planning to go out Friday night – can you join us? Or can we join you? We’ve both said it would be great to meet our other Colorado bloggin single mama!


    1. I would love to meet up with both of you! My mom and I are carpooling and have to pick up my sister at DIA 8 am Saturday morning, so I will see if I can get away for a Friday night. Where are you going to be at?


  3. I have to agree with Lauren on the hockey. Best sport ever!

    Sorry you’re feeling bad. Hope you get over it quickly.

    I’m no good with girly hair stuff either. I can barely fix my own hair. I pull Shiloh’s hair up every now and then, but I’m usually too lazy to try. She has be beg for a ponytail. Sad, I know.


  4. Hockey – Best. Sport. Ever.

    Red Wings – Best.Team. EVER.

    You – got some going away nookie. 😉 Best. Thing. Ever.


  5. I am an avid Laker Hater which makes living an hour away from LA pretty hard. I hated to watch the game Friday…

    Hope you’re feeling better


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