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Pluto Q Sun

Astrologer Julie Demboski describes what’s going on right now in the Cosmos.

Look for, at the very least, an upturn in conversation and the flow of information. The Sun will trine the North Node, giving us a glimpse of where our current actions and choices, if continued, will take us, and the Sun also quincunxes Pluto, shining on our less flattering qualities–which we can then modify if we choose–in any case, believe what you see in all the ‘reveals’ this week–you’re being offered much useful information, if you can loosen the typical ways of processing material and accept what’s coming in without the old labels and filters (and how can you not, with the aid of Mercury retrograde?) -

I’m really feeling the glare of those less flattering qualities right now. Are you?


3 thoughts on “Pluto Q Sun”

  1. Sorry about Young Buck going away. I can totally relate to the horoscope….it’s been a crazy week and I definitely feel bombarded with information and that there have been lots of reveals this week. Anyways, hope you’re good and I’ll see ya soon!!


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