single mom

Boy go bye bye

My Boy Toy got a job. He’ll be gone by June 1st.  Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? Maybe I’m only meant for one night stands or long, screwed-up relationships.

Or maybe I couldn’t pull this off and I’m getting a blessing in disguise. I don’t know. Honestly, my thoughts are about as clear as mud right now.


16 thoughts on “Boy go bye bye”

  1. Bummer. My FWB ended things with me last fall, and I haven’t found someone new. She hasn’t either! But she wants more than just play from me. Like kids. (With a daughter going to college in a year, I’m done having children.)

    Enjoy the fun while you got it!


  2. Oh, here’s another way to look at it… Maybe it’s because you are meant for something BETTER than one night stands, screwed up relationships, or FWB. If you want something more, of course. Not trying to tell you what you need.

    Either way, still sorry for you.


  3. Boo.

    My FWB has a girlfriend now so … I get it.

    I believe everything happens for a reason. But I like Jenn’s point of view. Maybe you are meant for something better.

    Makes you smile when you see it that way, right?


  4. Ditto Jenn and everyone else who ditto’ed her.

    Sorry, but hope that something–or rather someONE–much better falls across your path. And very soon. 😉


  5. But you had fun with him while he was here? So there is that!

    And your small little town does seem to have a fair amount of possibilities – so the universe maybe has something better in mind so is sending boy away to open the door for that!


  6. I think this was a taste of more to come…perhaps with someone else, but definatley showing you that you can/will/deserve a little fun and adoration.


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