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The Phone

Young Buck finally cajoled me into calling him. I was getting pretty frustrated with my POS keyboard, and I’m afraid I’m going to get a $200 phone bill next month from over-texting, so I broke down and talked to him in person.

Ironing out the details of a FWB relationship is a little uh…awkward.  I guess I never thought about having a FWB in the first place, so it never occurred to me that I would need to lay the ground rules. Amazingly, I think we’re finally on the same page. We did have a little debate about us possibly having a future and me insisting that wasn’t going to happen, and if he had any of those thoughts, then we couldn’t do this.

So, yeah. Its official. I have a boy toy. A hook-up. A boy on the side. We’ve agreed to be each other’s booty call but we can still take out other people on dates and otherwise live our respective lives. However, as soon as we want to get physical with another person, the deal ends.

Sounds reasonable enough to me. How about you? Should I add anymore rules?

P.S. My dad only uses the Internet every alternate Wednesday, but God I hope he doesn’t stumble upon this post. My sister doesn’t care to read my blog. My mom started for a while and then stopped, due to the stress it caused her.

Though I can’t say I’m not looking forward to this. I think I deserve it.


10 thoughts on “The Phone”

  1. I always hope that my parents don’t read my blog. I’ve never told them about it, but I’m always scared they’ll stumble across it. If they do read, I don’t want to know. It would just be weird.

    Oh, and about what we were twittering about earlier: Turns out the letter was not saying that GM is closing us down. Don’t know what it said, or why it’s so important, but I guess I still have a job for now.


  2. Holy shit. That is all I have to say about that. And, um, I don’t know, congratulations? Good luck? Nothing really applies to this, so yeah, Holy Shit. 🙂


  3. I just started up a FWB relationship again. But he’s one of my best friends and filled the role of ‘transitional lover’ when I left my ex 2 years ago.

    As for guidelines, I have to say at the top of the list should be ‘honesty’. You should both be honest enough to tell the other if you are getting close and/or physical with someone else. This also means you can be honest if the FWB relationship just isn’t working for you anymore.

    As with any relationship, establish Plan B. The plan put into action should there be any broken condoms (because you ARE going to use condoms!) or similar instances that result in the + on the pee stick.


    have fun! You totally deserve this!


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