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Headstart, Roofie, Mother’s Day, Full Moon

The Policy Committee was predictably depressing. I am so ashamed of my peers. Fellow moms who didn’t seem to give a rats ass about anything except making motions to accept everything that was presented to them. Maybe they get a thrill about having some power. Maybe they like the free food. Maybe they just like sucking up to the Executive Director.

I was the only one who refused to accept the AWOL policy for the 09-10 year. I said it needed to be revised completely, adding in some type of 3-strike rule, or employee performance evaluation instead of immediate termination. I also suggested that AWOL employees be eligible for rehire.

I can’t talk about specifics more than that due to confidentiality, but lets just say that my fellow parents looked at me like I was some kind of alien that had invaded their planet. Like someone called Five-O on their party. How dare I show up at the last meeting of the year and piss in the calm waters of their monochromatic pool.

I’m the only person who thinks we shouldn’t treat our childrens’ caretakers like fast food employees. To make things even worse, the Executive Director announced that she would probably lose her voice at some point during the meeting since she’s been under so much stress, her throat has started to close up. Yay. My emails have caused a physical reaction in the poor woman.

So I’m not going back. I’m making a budget and if I can afford it, I’m taking my daughter out of Headstart at the end of the summer.

LB, some friends and I went to have dinner at the restaurant Spot works at, and had a wonderful time. He got a great job as the lead preschool teacher at the fledgling Montessori school. He said its the exact opposite of Headstart and he loves it. I told him to let me know if they had an opening, but the fact is people get their kids on that waiting list while they’re still En Utero.

In Roofie news, since he bailed on his weekend, his mother asked if LB could spend the nigh. I dropped her off Saturday afternoon. To my surprise, Blondie was there dropping off her kids as well. After completely ignoring my presence, she rattled off about her family issues and how she needed Rooferman’s mom to watch her two daughters. Grandma R, being a saint, would never say no to anyone, and welcomed the two Blondie Jrs into her home.

After Blondie left, I asked Grandma if she would be ok with 3 screaming girls running around all day. I shouldn’t have even asked. OF COURSE she would be fine.

At that point, Blondie Jr came running up to me and said:

“I’m not supposed to talk to you, but my mommy says you’re mean to LB.”

Grandma R’s jaw dropped. She started stammering. I got down on my knees and looked at Blondie Jr.

“You know Honey, all mommies are different. Your mommy may have a different idea about what is mean and what is nice. Its ok if she’s angry or if we don’t agree on everything. I just hope that one day we can all be friends and everyone can be happy.”

She seemed satisfied with that, but Grandma R was visibly upset. The next morning when she dropped LB off she started crying.

“I’m so sorry that happened. I should have defended you. I should have made Blondie acknowledge your presence. I shouldn’t have let her disrespect you like that.”

I tried to comfort her and tell her it wasn’t her fault, and that these things were going to happen. I told her I wasn’t even upset when that happened. In fact, I was glad that the truth was revealed in front of Grandma R. Now she knows that Blondie is telling her kids lies about me. 6 months ago, this would have reduced me to tears. I’m amazed at how far I’ve come.

My mother daughter chose a very cute Mother’s Day card depicting Snow White hugging Grumpy the dwarf. Inside it said, “Thank you for always loving me, even when I’m grumpy.”

Later that day, LB and I went on a walk around our new neighborhood and checked out all the houses for sale. Way out of our price range, but had a great time anyway. We passed lots of moms enjoying the Colorado sun with their kids, playing on their front lawns. I got two Happy Mother’s Day greetings and I paid them forward to the next mom I saw.

Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day. For you single moms, I hope your Ex’s girlfriend’s kids didn’t call you a mean mommy. For you married moms, I hope never have to deal with that situation.

P.S. I resisted the Full Moon in Scorpio temptation to call Young Buck for meaningless, yet most likely, hot sex. Are you proud of me, or should I have gone for it? I don’t trust myself with the Scorpio moon, its too easy for me to get in trouble.


20 thoughts on “Headstart, Roofie, Mother’s Day, Full Moon”

  1. My kids step mom goes WAY beyond just calling me mean; she is a master manipulator and quite destructive. Blondie is an ammature by comparison.

    Glad you had a nice Mother’s Day.

    And not hooking up with Young Buck shows incredible willpower! Good for you – but so is an O! There’s always next time. 😉


  2. That biatch makes me ashamed to be a blonde…I hope I get to punch her some day… As for Young Buck…Go for it girl!!!!


  3. If you were me, you totally would’ve enjoyed your night, but hey, that’s me.
    I’m SO impressed with your ability to keep your cool and you handled the situation w/ miniBlondie beautifully!


  4. Um, I am probably the only one here who will say that I think you made the right decision; the last time I gave in to an impulse on a full moon, I ended up pregnant! Ha Ha. It was quiet here. No expectations = no disappointments. : )


  5. The high road. It sucks but eventually people realise you are on it and the crazy ex and new wife/ girlfriend are not.

    You are such an amazing mom. Roofie’s mom sees it, others see it, when LB looks back – she will see it.


  6. Happy Mothers Day to you sweetie!

    You are an amazing mom, and you make Blondie look like the wench she really is, I hope you know this.



  7. Great job! You really showed class, grace and style…and I know what you mean about feeling like you’ve come a long way. We’re all here to smooth the way for our babies and you really did that. Happy Belated Mother’s Day.


  8. That was a great way to handle the situation with Blondie Jr. And that says a lot about Grandma R that she was so hurt by the whole thing. She must be going through some things with this whole situation too. 😦

    As for Young Buck in my case the fact that I’m not on BC would have been a stronger pull. Like a commenter said there’s always next time.


  9. I just want to stand up and cheer for you. You handeled that with so much composure and class. You’re my hero.


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