single mom

Men in Uniform

JL , LB and I are going to partake in some of this later today.

Astrologer Annie Ortelee says “Mars WANTS YOU to react to the wound he’s opening up today. Look at the situation and SEE IF you DO want to react. Sometimes it is very cathartic to scream and shout at folks.”

Could we pick a more perfect day for a softball game? Peanut Gallery here I come!


7 thoughts on “Men in Uniform”

  1. Hm. I say a picture of some Manny something-something and thought oh, gag, if THAT is what I have to watch in order to watch baseball, no thanks? With this? Sign.Me.Up. BTW, the card I sent to you forever ago got returned to me last night instead of being forwarded to you, boo hoo.


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