single mom

Weekend highlights.

  1. Really enjoyed the amount of man meat in Xmen Origins: Wolverine. I knew Hugh Jackman was hot, but was that Ryan Reynold’s real body too? DAMN, slightly frightening.
  2. Invited Young Buck to the movie, but apparently he’s “not really a big movie person.” Who doesn’t like going to the movies?
  3. Had to work on Saturday. It was a rainy, cold chaotic mess, with old women literally attacking people with hand sanitizer.
  4. Found an abandoned mini-fridge for my apartment. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t used to store drug-making ingredients, or taxidermy tools, but I bleached it just in case.
  5. Watched daughter chase a little boy around the playground. After a few unsuccessful attempts, she sat down in the grass and said “I need a rest.”
  6. Thoroughly enjoying  this book.


8 thoughts on “Weekend highlights.”

  1. Hey lady! I agree with the man meat on X-Men (tho that is sadly NOT Ryan Reynolds once he becomes Deadpool – my biggest gripe about that movie is it seems like a waste of Ryan Reynolds, not to mention Gambit… How much more fun would that last fight scene have been with Ryan Reynolds quipping at Wolverine the whole time?). Also, you’ll have to tell me how that book is – I’ve read some essays from it and it sounds REALLY interesting.
    Just wanted to pop by and tell you I’ve started following your blog lately and have been thoroughly enjoying your perspective. 🙂


  2. The weekend was awesome. Wolverine was great…I’m so glad we got to go…yea!! Hope your day is going a little better today than yesterday was =)


  3. Whole-heartedly agree with #1. That movie was just a feast. Hugh Jackman on a motorcyle? Ryan Reynolds in a tank top? {swoon} Is Gambit the New Orleans guy? I am so bad with comic book stuff!

    And who doesn’t like the movies? That would have to be a dealbreaker with me. I sneak off whenever I can!


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