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Dreams vol. 3

Dream Log: 4/29/09

My good friend Kinky Smurf had flown back into Durango for a concert, and wanted all of us to be there. For some reason the concert was in an undisclosed location near the Colorado/Utah/New Mexico/Arizona border (otherwise known as the Four Corners). Kinky Smurf gave us directions and I was instructed to pick up one of his friends who needed a ride. He made it clear that under no circumstance was I to BE LATE.

Next thing I know, I’m driving  frantically through a dust storm outside Cortez, CO. I’m so afraid I’m going to be late that I completely ditch Kinky Smurf’s friend and haul ass to the concert. I finally find it, with less than a minute to spare. I get out of the car and see that I’m the only one there.

Kinky Smurf and his fiance come running through the dust storm. They’re screaming “WHERE IS EVERYONE??” I shrug. I tell them I’m sorry but I didn’t have time to pick up his friend, and Kinky Smurf just shakes his head disgustedly. He says “The concert already started, so come on.”

I follow them through the blowing sand. He leads me into a cave, where I can hear music playing. The cave suddenly drops into a black hole, and Kinky Smurf tells me to down into it. I refuse. He starts getting really pissed, and I ask him why the concert is in a cave.

Suddenly all of our other friends come pouring into the cave, including the kid I was supposed to pick up. Kinky Smurf is furious. He yells “I fly in to Durango for ONE DAY, and you can’t even show up on time?! You call yourselves friends?!” and jumps into the hole.


Kinky Smurf, I hope you’re doing well. I’m sorry I’m so horrible at remembering important things like birthdays, dates and other left-brained things. I know how much it means to you. I hope this dream doesn’t mean that you have tons of stress in your life right now, and remember your friends are always here for you, even if you have moved to the other side of the country.

 Obviously I miss you and have guilt about not being able to live up to your standards. Hope to see you this summer!


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