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How much of a hippie are you?

The 21-year-old stud texted me for an hour last night. What a trip he is. He’s like a walking, talking Red State. I almost forgot what it’s like to be barely legal, full of conviction and self-righteousness. Like you’re ready to stare down any fool that gets in your way, demanding authority, simply because you’re the hottest thing on the block.

On Facebook, I was notified that he recently became a fan of “beer,” “boobs” and “beef”. Yep. That about sums him up. Its like drinking a shot of Stetson when he’s around, even through the phone. If I was a out-of-control 21-year-old filly like I used to be, this would have been too much testosterone for me to handle.

Things are different now. He can’t womanize me if I manize him first.

Actual Text exchange from last night:

  • So you basically play every sport except soccer and tennis.
  • Yeah, but those aren’t real sports.
  • Somehow I knew you would say that.
  • Well that’s how I was raised.
  • You see honey, that’s why it can never work out between a redneck and a hippie.
  • I’m sorry, I just really hate hippies.
  • Ok Cartman.
  • How much of a hippie are you?

“How much of a hippie are you?”How does one answer that question. I almost dropped my phone and fell off the Wii Fit laughing.

I can’t wait till we meet again. I should get my tarot cards out and give him a reading. Stroke his palm and talk about astrological convergence. Go through every page of the Kama Sutra and gush about meditative tantra. I’m going to weave flowers into his Cowboy hat. He’ll be so in love with hippie-dom he won’t know what do with himself.

Ok, so at least its a good fantasy. Or maybe I’m just playing with redneck fire.


22 thoughts on “How much of a hippie are you?”

  1. Bwahahahaha, I am osrry, this made me laugh out loud. Poor guy; he is SO not going to know what hit him. I am assuming you have a good suply of incense and patchouli oil with which to mesmerize him during the reading? snort snort, wiping a tear away….


  2. lol omg hanna, that would be hilarious, u should give me a reading too… i refuse to do that anymore but hey u can do it for me 😀


  3. Dude, Hanna, how do you keep having romantic encounters with such… un-promising men? I mean, I know you’re not looking for a Daddy for LB but you could at least hook up with one you can have a conversation with. 😉


    1. I don’t know. I guess my boobs are too big. Even the nice guys only have conversations with them, not me. Can’t I have one guy to talk to, and one guy for booty call until I can find the happy combination of both?


  4. I can’t disagree with his liking of “beer, boobs, and beef”…but it’s pretty immature to want to tell the world that you’re a fan.

    I might have mentioned that I like “beer” on my Facebook, but that one’s a gimme. I’m a dude…c’mon.

    And yeah…hippies are fine if they’re practicing that whole “tantric” thing. Just sayin’.


  5. I’m am so ignoring the “soccer isn’t a real sport” comment and will continue to read your blog anyway! 😉 So have you set up the “How much of a hippie are you” quiz on Facebook yet? That guy doesn’t stand a chance. You’ll rip him to shreds!


  6. wait wait wait. HE said soccer’s not a real sport. Oh please girl, I want to come with you so I can kick him and then see if he changes his mind about that. LOL


  7. Mwahahahaha! Ah, those younger guys and the silly (read: ignorant) things they say.

    Oh, well. They’re fun to play with. Enjoy batting that mouse around! 😉


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