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Dreams vol. 2

The power went off this morning. Luckily, my alarm had already clicked on so I didn’t wake up late. Had I been working for Head Start, this obviously would have cost me my job. Just another example of why their AWOL policy is completely unreasonable.

Here’s the summary from last night’s dream-fest. Click on the links to see what the interpretation is:

My closest friends and I were walking for miles along a busy highway in the pouring rain. Oddly enough, we were leading three horses: One black, one white, one brown. I have no clue why we weren’t riding them, but the overall feel was pure exhaustion, as if the horses were going to pass out at any second. 

 Finally dusk fell, and we got to our destination: The Durango Mall. My friend JL was holding the white horse, I was holding the black horse, and my friend Jiji’s husband was hold the brown horse. We went into what looked like a movie theatre, an old school one, with a big red curtain over the screen. We tried to take the horses into the theatre, and they told us we had to stay outside.

Jiji and my two other friends Curmudge and her hubby looked at us and said, “You can wait out there, and we’ll go see the movie.”SO JL, Grady and I stood in the lobby of the movie theatre with three horses. For some reason, we were in complete shock that they wouldn’t let us bring horses into a movie theatre, and my friend’s husband was pissed that she had ditched him in the lobby.

The horses started falling down from exhaustion, and I remember laying down and falling asleep on the black horse’s belly.

I think my brain is incredibly grateful that Venus in Retrograde is over, and I can lay down next to my symbolic horse and relax for a while. What have your dreams been like lately?

More on my REM-induced story lines:


4 thoughts on “Dreams vol. 2”

  1. Oh I’ve had some doozy of dreams lately. One of them was so incredibly disturbing and I could smell things in it that are disturbing as well. YUCK!!!


  2. That is random dream action for sure. I love analyzing dreams…so fun! I’ll have to check out horse in my dream book and see what it says =)


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