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Week in review

I felt awful last night, but I’m chalking it up to surfing the crimson wave & having allergies from hell. LB laid down next to me at about 4:30 am, which I don’t really mind, but  combined with the God-Damn Colorado spring snow we keep getting, I needed a crowbar to remove me from my bed this morning.

I threw on jeans and a sweater, hair in a ponytail. No make-up. Eh, its Friday. Got LB up and into her clothes. Immediately she started asking me for her Easter candy. I didn’t have time to argue. I didn’t even have time to make breakfast, so I buckled a screaming almost-3-year-old into her car seat and drove to daycare. Luckily they serve breakfast, but I still felt like crap.

Major Hottie came by the office yesterday, and my co-worker ran up to my cubicle like a teenager, squealing, “Did you see him? Did you see him?” When my boss asked what was going on, she said “Oh, Hanna’s boyfriend was just here.”

Ha. Ha.

The parent meeting was not good. I tried to bring up the whole “Spot” situation to get the other parents’ opinions, but the site director told me that my “personal agenda” was inappropriate for a parent committee meeting. 

I said, “Are you kidding? I can’t even tell them why I want to be nominated for the policy committee?”

Nope.  I couldn’t even suggest that we use some of our funds to get him a goodbye gift. The next day she had the nerve to say, “I think that was a really productive meeting last night.”



11 thoughts on “Week in review”

  1. Aw, sorry you feel so crummy! I hate allergies so much, I can’t believe how bad they are already this year. I seriously can’t believe that she thought it was a great meeting…ugh! Hope you feel better, at least it’s almost the weekend =) Talk to ya soon, luv ya!


  2. I felt the same way this am and not just because I went out last night. This snow – enough already! I just heard snow thunder for the first time. I need to go to the store but hate dragging Little One in and out of the car seat it this cold wet slop!


  3. What’s Snow Thunder? That sounds exciting.

    Hope your weekend is better than the week. I agree with the others, you are a GOOD mom for not forking out candy for breakfast!

    Virtual hugs, darlin’!


  4. Allergies are a beeyotch this year. I type this while rubbing my itchy eyes. Usually I can just take an allergy tablet and be done with it for a day or two. Now it feels like I need multiple tablets a day just for a little relief!

    You’re not a bad mom. No candy and she was fed. Everyone wins!


  5. I can’t sympathize with you on the snow, because I haven’t seen any all winter. I understand about the allergies though. Allergies have been awful here in TN. Hate them.

    Sorry your week was so crappy. Hope this next one is tons better.


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