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Major Love

Modern Single Mama is doing a 4-part series on the “Top Ten Single Parent Personalities on the Web.” Major love is circulating the net right now.


I called Rooferman’s mom before I called him. I wanted to warn her in case he flipped out and starting telling lies about me. She is so awesome. She agreed that it wasn’t fair for me to have to make that decision, and he needs to learn from his mistakes. She even asked me if I wanted her to tell him.

What a sweet, sweet lady.

He didn’t answer his phone. I left a voice mail. He hasn’t called back.

I wonder if he will miraculously make a payment by next Monday. Then I would have called his bluff.

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4 thoughts on “Major Love”

    1. Honestly, I think she’s glad to have another person understand what she and her husband have struggled with their entire parenting lives. Maybe they are happy to have another member on the team?


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