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More from Head Start

I sent another email this morning to the big wigs at Head Start. Once again there was no one in my daughter’s classroom at 7:30. Once again I had to wait, and once again I was late to work. I emailed the Head Start director, describing how since the dismissal of Spot, there hasn’t been a teacher who consistently shows up on time, and if this starts to negatively affect my job, they would be hearing from my employer (who totally supports me and has already offered to call and complain).

I told them they could fix this problem by returning him to his former position.

Her response:

it is time for you to understand that (Spot)’s current employment status with Tri-County Head Start is no longer an option.  He is not eligible for re-hire. 


 If the policies and procedures of our agency do not suit your family needs, you are certainly under no obligation to continue your child’s enrollment in one of our centers. 

In other words, if you don’t like it, go f*** yourself.

I responded to the email of course. She told me that she couldn’t believe this is such a big issue since she had only heard complaints from one other person. If you would like to respectfully change that number, please email her at the following address:


For more on this story:

Zero Tolerance AWOL Policy

What happened to Spot. 


Maybe I’m on some kind of post-court success high, but I’m not giving up yet.


17 thoughts on “More from Head Start”

  1. I am completely appalled at the behavior of this so-called “professional” workplace. Not simply for the firing of Spot, but for the fact that they are willing to tell you to go screw yourself for complaining because their lack of ability to be there on time, during posted business hours, is negatively affecting your job. If I chose to do that, I would no longer HAVE a job. Don’t give up; post-court success or not, it is ridiculous.


  2. Wow I think laser beams would have shot from my eyes when I saw that professionally stated go fuck yourself. Okay fine she wants you to drop the Spot cause but she didn’t address why there is no one there at a time they are supposed to be there. What a jerk to brush you off like that.


  3. Wait, didn’t they fire Spot for not showing up but these other employees still have a job when they are not there when you are to drop off LB? WTF is up with the double standard and the fuck off email? So not cool. Don’t give up and definitely point out the hypocrycy of their “no tolerance” policy.


  4. Other than replying to the status of Spot, did she have anything specific to say about the other employees who aren’t showing up on time? Or, was it one of those BS responses like “Thank you for expressing your concern” where they never actually do anything to fix the problem? Ugh.

    Is this affecting any other parents in LB’s classroom? Maybe you could rally the other parents together?


  5. I would like to mobilize, email her and etc, but first I’d like to know exactly WHY Spot was fired. You say AWOL… does that mean a day? A week? Is it code for “he was having an affair with my wife” or “he told us we could all go UNF ourselves” or “he was doing coke on the job”? I mean… I just don’t want you or me or anyone else to be stick our feet in our moufs about it. Ya know?


    1. AWOL means “Absent without leave” just like the Military. Each individual daycare center gets to make their own “how long until the person is considered AWOL” policy. So the employee has a certain amount of time in which to notify his/her manager before they are fired. Apparently it can vary from supervisor to supervisor. AWOL is not taken into consideration on overall job performance like “chronic lateness” is. A person can continually show up late, as long as they notify their supervisor, and they deal with it in an entirely different way. AWOL is a zero tolerance, nothing else taken into consideration policy. “Spot” had worked over a year at Head Start without a single instance of lateness, or poor job performance in any way.

      He got a new cell phone. He set his alarm. His alarm didn’t go off, he woke up 2 hours late, called in to work and was informed he no longer had a job. A total fluke. Something that could happen to anyone.

      I can forward you the emails I’ve been sending if anyone would like to respond.


  6. Hey so Hanna… i found this website thats got a crap ton of laws the head start has to obide by in order to remain in the system… and from my understanding, if there is a class or group to be in session there HAS to be someone there at all times, it says they have to arrive in a timely manner. Here i’ll give you the website and you can look through it… idk maybe print it out… Oh and im also including the website to the board of directors for headstart… maybe you can get somewhere with them seeing as how that lady is being stupid…


  7. That rude chick who sent you the eff-off email…she must have a supervisor you can forward that to. That’s a completely unacceptable response to a completely valid complaint of the daycare/preschool not having staff during hours when they are supposed to be open. You pay good money to send her there. Obviously you can send your child elsewhere if you choose, that’s not the point. Man…that gets ME pissed off and I live on the other side of the country!


  8. I would go over her head as well. The chronic lateness since then can’t be good for anyone. Forward that email if you can. Oooh the nerve of some people…


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