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Buttering up

Rooferman called last night. He was so chipper I thought he was going to burst into song. He said “I’m really happy how things are going. Thank you so much for meeting with me.”

I was the definition of skeptical. Either his parents have actually talked some sense into him, or he’s still trying to butter me up. At this point, I think a “change of heart” is out of the question.

He said he looked at the plan and wanted to hash a few more things out. He offered to set up another meeting with his parents before our PTC on Thursday. I wanted to ask him “what exactly are you talking about?’, but I agreed.

I still have points to make. Even after 2 hours, I wasn’t able to bring up all my reasons for why our almost-3-year-old should remain with her primary caretaker for most of the time. I haven’t even gone into the financial aspect.

I’m not going to be whittled down into an agreeable lump of play dough. I have my bottom line, and I think its pretty damn reasonable. Rooferman may think that he’s slowly getting what he wants out of me, but I can’t be manipulated anymore.

My lawyer and I are preparing for this case as if it were going to court. These meetings are just tiny shots in the dark on the way to the bigger battle. He’s trying to get me to sign a 50/50 plan, but why is he so desperate to meet with me before court if he so confident the judge will grant it?

In other news: Remember my old apartment complex? I received a letter today, indicating that they would like to give my deposit back (minus carpet cleaning). They even wrote “Good luck on your new job!” at the bottom.

Insane. This is the first deposit that’s been returned to me in the previous 5 years of renting, and from the last landlord I thought it would come from. No mention of the 3-month penalty fee either (knock on wood).

Man, I’m glad I didn’t call the newspaper on them. I AM debating on informing the Herald about the whole “Spot” situation, though.

I haven’t written an article for the Examiner in almost 4 days. I think I made 17 cents yesterday. At least if I get laid off from my job, I will have PLENTY of time to write.

“How to survive on 17 cents a day”

*insert maniacal laughter here*


9 thoughts on “Buttering up”

  1. Nice to get that little bit of cash you weren’t couting on! I don’t know what to say about roffie other than good luck, but I think you are spot on in the fact that he is buttering you up because he is nervous. Good, good luck, my friend.


  2. Just keep going the way you are, and you’ll be fine. The judge will be happy that you’ve attempted to work things out. (Oh, and you still have that text his mom wrote you, right?)


  3. Hang in there! I’ve given up on trying to understand the men in this world. I think you’re being more than reasonable and I’m sure a judge will agree.

    As for the Examiner, it’s not an income by any means but it is a little extra. My traffic really jumped last week and has been steadily picking up since then. Hopefully the same will happen for you very soon.


  4. I agree with April. You are doing everything you can and keeping your head on straight. Always remember that anything you say can and will be used against you. Be careful.


  5. Wow. And wow. What is he playing at??? Also, great news about the apartment complex. I hope they just stopped being pricks and won’t even mention the penalty at all.


  6. He’s obviously buttering you up because he’s poor and trying to settle this without going to court while STILL trying to get his way. I don’t really have to say “Do what’s best for LB, not Rooferman” because you already are, just don’t get sucker-ed by him.


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