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Marley Mantra

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This week for our parenting class homework we have to fill out two thought bubbles. The first one contains all the negative thoughts that go through our heads when our child is misbehaving.

Here’s an example of what goes through my head when LB is throwing a tantrum:

  • “OMG did I make this drama queen?”
  • “She’s almost 3 and she can’t even calm herself down!”
  • “This is totally out of control. How did it get this bad?”
  • “What if she passes out?”
  • “What if she’s still acting like this when she’s  goes to school?”
  • “Christ I’m going to have a tantrum-throwing teenager!”
  • “What if she’s a complete spoiled brat even at 21?”
  • “I suck as a mother.”
  • “What if Rooferman uses this against me in court?”
  • “I bet Ann Coulter will use me a perfect example for why single moms are the bane of the universe.”
  • “I should just give up.”

For real. I think this crap. They should certify me in self-degradation. There wasn’t enough room in the thought bubble for all the negative things I come up with. In fact, it was so hard for me to write positive thoughts, I barely had two happy things written in the other bubble.

Then I had an epiphany. I took my pen and wrote this down:

Singing’ don’t worry. About a thing. Cause every little thing’s gonna be alright.”

Yep. I’m using Bob Marley as my happy thought. 

So every time LB goes to the darkside, I start to sing Three Little Birds in my head. It totally works. I’m starting to weather a tantrum without my blood pressure rising. 

Thanks Bob. Helping single parents even from the grave, mahn.


8 thoughts on “Marley Mantra”

  1. My friend! I think alot of this too when my nearly 5 year old is throwing herself on the floor screeching for something we dont have in the house at bedtime.


  2. I say that jokingly, but not; I mean, I think any parent who is HONEST admits these thoughts run through their head. While I have never tried Bob Marley, I think whatever it takes to gag that voice is a good thing.


  3. Bob Marley popped into your head after writing all those other thoughts? I’d say you’re doing pretty well for yourself if that’s the case.

    I think if we didn’t have exes we would probably be our own worst critics when it comes to parenting but remember; we’re rasing our kids better anyone else is!


  4. hey. i’m a blogher single blogger too. i’m starting a community site for us single independent ladies and i’m looking for exceptional bloggers to fill some positions. i love your writing style and i’d like to invite you to “audition” if you will. if interested, follow the white rabbit down the link:


  5. So true girlfriend, so true. I listen to that same stuff to relax myself and in the summer, Marley is a constant when we’re on our boat. He brings a little peace to some not so peaceful situations. Wise approach.


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