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Major Hottie

A really HOT guy came to the front desk this morning. No, he was an intimidatingly gorgeous half Latino, half Choctaw sculpture of a man. After he left, I lifted my jaw off the floor and turned to my co-worker.

“I know him. He’s single. He works at Steamworks,” she said.

Immediately we did what any virtuous employees with access to information would do: We looked up all the details we could find on him, including his age, education and parents’ profession. BAD I know, but  I don’t think I actually violated any FERPA guidelines by doing it.

My romantic history:  Sushi Boy; Scared him off. Tree Boy; have yet to “set up” the accidental meeting.  Major Hotness Man; may be reduced to stalking staking him out at the local brew pub.  Am I totally dysfunctional about men?

On another note. I won a self-help book at the annual Employee Appreciation Lunch. The title: “Where to draw the line.” Hmm. I think the universe is telling me something.

Happy April!


14 thoughts on “Major Hottie”

  1. I think I know that guy! Er, I think I remember that guy. Tall, gorgeous long hair, lean, INCREDIBLE bone structure? I used to check him out all the time. GIT SOME!


  2. I didn’t know you had a Sushi Boy in your life! Where can I read about that??? Sorry I’ve been silent. Hope you are well!!!


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